7 artists you need to know

From digital and modern illustrations to 18th-century impressionistic landscapes, these artists are a real visual treat.

7 artists you need to know


Christina Lorre is an artist based in the USA, meshing digital art, fashion and powerful female characters to create what we know as Raweushii. Her unique work is founded on empowering women of all different shapes, sizes, ethnicities and interests. A typical Rawsueshii piece is bright and whimsical, taking her traditional anime style and adapting it to portray a story that many supporters relate to. It often represents the people who live within their heads, preferring it to reality. 

She is expanding her base on Youtube and TikTok, creating easy tutorials for people to learn how to draw backgrounds, developing concepts such as her “Baddie” series, turning known cartoon characters into female characters, and encouraging artists to create regardless of their circumstance. She is an artist you need to know because her work is pretty but filled with attitude – sounds like a 21st-century woman to me. 

De-mornae Clarke

Paris Anthony-Walker

60d45de9385738e808609055400a129132530ca4.jpegParis Anthony- Walker 

An artist covered by Voice before, but Paris is a digital illustrator that has made strides within the industry. Her intricate colouring and trademark eye for detail makes for art that is both simple but always impactful. What caught my eye about her portfolio was that she uses faces that are relatable, almost feeling as if you know the people she draws inspiration from but twists a segment of the realistic with her bold lines and backgrounds. To read more about her job click here

De-mornae Clarke

Salvador Dali

My favourite artist of all time, Dali's work is timeless and recognisable to most. All of his paintings showcase an interesting yet chaotic mind. His work simply captures your imagination as you try to dissect the meaning and everything going on in his work. Salvador Dali is The King of surrealism and certainly worth checking out if you haven't already.

Elle Farrell-Kingsley

Robert Oxley

Robert Oxley is an interesting modern artist, fusing pop surrealism, natural history and Pollock's famous drip method to produce what Oxley calls "psychedelic natural history".

Robert told Castle Fine Art, where he displays his work in England, "I love the freedom and brutality of nature, but I don't like what we as humans are doing to it. My art is a way of exploring and exposing this." His vibrant, colourful art brings life into the world and always immediately captures my gaze in galleries and is an artist who will feature on my walls in the future.

Elle Farrell-Kingsley

Claude Monet


"NYC - MoMA: Claude Monet's Reflections of Clouds on the Water-Lily Pond" by wallyg is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Monet’s Impressionist works and his Water Lilies series, in particular, have become mass-marketed and commodified, but that hasn’t affected their beauty in the slightest. Monet began the series in 1889 and after his death, the Musée de l'Orangerie in Paris built custom rooms to exhibit eight of the paintings. I have been lucky enough to see them in person and I could have genuinely looked at them for hours, which I can’t say for a lot of other artworks. 

Claire Jenns

J.M.W. Turner

An artist of the Romantic era, J.M.W. Turner was a prolific painter whose works often focused on nature and landscapes, and he was known for depicting the destructive power of the sea as well. After learning about Turner during my time at university, I found myself fascinated by the sweeping sceneries he was able to create and the essence of the sublime that is conjured within them. I would spend all day looking at Turner’s paintings if I could!

Ali Muzaffar

Dr Seuss

Although known for his writing, it's Dr Seuss' art that captures my attention. Another surrealist artist on the list, Dr Seuss's work is lively, imaginative, and provides an insight into the wonderful worlds he envisioned outside of his literary works.

Elle Farrell-Kingsley

Feel free to comment on your favourite artists down below and check out our other articles for more topics you cannot afford to miss. 

De-mornae Clarke, Elle Farrell-Kingsley, Claire Jenns and Ali Muzaffar contributed to this article.


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