Exclusive interview with a real-life Wonder Woman, DYNAMYTE!

Dynamyte blew us away with her single championing authenticity, 'Show Me You'. We sat down with this real-life Wonder Woman to find out more...

Exclusive interview with a real-life Wonder Woman, DYNAMYTE!

Hi Dynamtyte! How are you doing today? What’s your general morning routine to set you up for a great day?

I wake up and I snooze and then I really wake up.  Then I play music while I brush my teeth and wash my face and sing while doing it (but sometimes I get soap in my mouth).  I sometimes put on makeup if I’m leaving the house.  Otherwise, I don’t because the eyeliner particles get in my inner eye and I spend all day picking them out.  Then I eat Captain Crunchberries or a smoothie or muffins or chocolate milk and blast loud music in the car to get me pumped.  

What’s your go-to productivity tip?

Ok so embarrassing but I spent $30 on a box that locks my phone until the timer is up.  I don’t use it though because after doing it for a week I was like…why am I doing this to myself?! I want my phone.  So I probably wasted the $30.  But I still have it and see it on my shelf, and I’m always like “oh I should use that!” but I never do. Haha!

What’s the one thing which can reliably turn your day around if you’re in a grump?

Videos of babies eating lemons for the first time or watching @mymadisyn on TikTok!

Do you have any lyric-writing tips for those who want to try their hand at songwriting?

I’m a really wordy person, so I think the more words the better.  Also, don’t overthink it and just say whatever you really think, not what you think you’re supposed to think.

How do you deal with pressures from social media or the internet in general? Have you come up against any obstacles in your mission to become a professional musician?

I just think haters are funny cuz I’m always like…yeah…I agree hahaha but no if they say I’m stupid, I don’t agree cuz I know I’m smart.  But if they’re like “you have buck teeth” I’m like…yeah that’s so true.

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