Cultural Comforts: March 2021

Here’s some recommendation of comforting, light and enjoyable culture to get you through the next month. 

Cultural Comforts: March 2021

This month seems to have flown by, with non-stop talk of vaccines, testing and politics. We all need something to keep our minds entertained as we (fingers crossed) move closer everyday to the last stages of lockdown in the UK. These recommendations are a round-up of the most positive and comforting things I’ve been watching and listening to over the last month and I hope they can give a respite from the seriousness of life right now. You can find last month's recommendations (which included the likes of The Devil Wears Prada to WandaVision) here.

The Legend of Korra

The sequel to the highly acclaimed series Avatar: The Last Airbender, this series was certainly a comfort watch for me this month. The show took me back to a fictional world that I love dearly, and I enjoyed discovering new characters, places and stories. While there’s lots of action and bending (the name for element manipulation in the show), the show is really an exploration of its characters and their relationships – old and new. It’s wonderful and I would highly recommend it!

The Dig 

The perfect Sunday afternoon movie, The Dig is a very gentle and beautiful British movie. I wasn’t entirely convinced that you could make a feature length story about a dig — I was proved wrong. It’s not unexpected or surprising in any way, just a nice movie to watch and keep you company. 

Wasteland, Baby!

Irish singer-songwriter Hozier is most well-known for his international breakthrough single Take Me To Church, but recently I’ve been listening to his second album Wasteland, Baby!. The album is beautifully written, focussing on the romantic and spiritual themes in an apocalyptic setting. While this doesn’t like the most comforting concept, Hozier’s voice and music is guaranteed to soothe your soul. One of the singles on the album, Nina Cried Power, an ode to protest and legendary musicians who spoke truth to power. The song is an hopefully antidote to get you through the next month. 


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