Celebrate International Women’s Day with Voice!

Because a day isn’t enough, join us for the week and beyond in celebrating women everywhere.

Celebrate International Women’s Day with Voice!

At Voice, we like to do it big. And when it comes to celebrating International Women’s Day, is there any better way to do it? 

For the entire month of March, we bring you some truly unique, interesting and thought-provoking pieces that celebrate and challenge modern-day feminism. Voice has a force of incredibly talented women who cover a spectrum of views and opinions that we cannot wait to share with you. 

International Women’s Day will continue to be an important calendar event until true equality for women of all races, creeds, backgrounds and identities is achieved. 

We look at everything from the history to the future of the day and what it means to us all. The trials and tribulations women face, as well as their achievements and strides. With podcasts featuring all our female staff and contributors, we have plenty of content to keep you informed and entertained. 

At Voice, we are always proud to showcase the voices of the youth, and we extend that to our readership as well. So, Tweet us, gram us, talk to us on Facebook. Share your views, engage with us and let your voice be heard. If you want to join us in sharing your own views and experiences of femininity, post to the site and use the tag 'iwd2021'.

To view all of our International Women's Day/Women's History Month content, follow this link

From our house to yours, Happy International Women’s Day!

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Saskia Calliste

Saskia Calliste Voice Team

25-year-old writer/blogger living in London. I have an MA in publishing, a BA in creative writing & journalism and am a featured author in The Women Writers’ Handbook. I write about all kinds of things but nothing beats a good opinion piece!

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