Louis Tomlinson Live in London

On the 12th of December I watched Louis Tomlinson's live stream. It was one of the best I watched in 2020 so I wanted to share it with everyone else. 

One thing I needed this year was this live stream. It was incredible. As someone who has never seen Louis live it was a beautiful experience to finally get to her him sing even if it was not a traditional concert setting. 

This year Louis planned on going on tour for his debut album 'Walls' however due to the pandemic he had to postpone after only 2 shows, something many other artists have had to do this past year. But even with that in mind Louis still wanted to be able to put on a show to celebrate his crews and fans, he said "The feeling of support I get from [the fans] every time I do something is unbelievable. Forever thankful!".  

This year has been tough for everyone including musicians and their behinds the scenes crew, so Louis wanted to put together a 'normal' concert experience, with his whole band and crew. 

During the concert Louis sang a total of 18 songs, including all 12 from his debut album (plus Just Hold On, a previously released song) as well as 3 One Direction covers of Drag Me Down, Through the Dark, and Little Black dress, a perfect homage to his previous band. He also sang his infamous Beautiful War cover from Kings of Leon, which was as phenomenal as ever. Another song Louis performed on the night was a new song called 'Copy of a Copy of a Copy' which he debuted on the night for the first time. Up until the performance Louis had been hinting towards a new song, with him even tweeting the name of the song the day of the concert, of course this brought a lot of excitement to Louis' fandom (including me!). 

Throughout the whole night Louis was switching between two stages when he performed, his main stage which held his band and large screens which played concert visuals as well as close camera shots of Louis and his band. On this stage he performed his more electric songs, especially Kill My Mind (his last song of this night). Whilst singing he had videos of his fans singing along playing behind him, bringing his fans closer together to help celebrate such a great night together which they have not been able to experience since March. 

In contrast, he also had a smaller circular stage which he used during his more intimate songs like Two of Us for example. This stage was a generally smaller setting making it more centred onto him and the songs themselves, bringing more attention the lyrics making them more personal which could not have been captured easily when being performed on his large stage. This is something which was so special about the live stream, as this versatility is not something Louis could easily do when performing at his shows at live venues before.  

Like most of Louis' music videos and concert photography, Charlie Lightening was the one filming the concert for Louis that night. Charlie is known for his concert films (with previous being for Liam Gallagher and Black Sabbath) and has worked close alongside Louis for a few years now, so it came as no surprise that Charlie was a part of the crew for the night. Louis tweeted after the show personally thanking Charlie for the work, he had done for Louis to be able to put on a show that night. 

As I have said before this whole live stream was an incredible work of art and was such a good way to celebrate Louis, his crew and fans whilst also raising money for four incredible charities close to Louis' heart (FairShare, StageHand, Crew Nation, Bluebell Wood Children's Hospital). Louis sold around 160,000 tickets which is a sure representation for the love Louis' fans have for him. And it is sure to raise a load of money for well deserving charities. What a great way to end a not-so-great year!

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  • Connie Bishop

    On 10 February 2021, 11:13 Connie Bishop commented:

    Due to the fact that this concert allowed many more people to be involved in the audience, do you think that live-streamed concerts will become a lot more popular even after the pandemic because they can include so many more people, even if there is a live audience in the arena as well?

  • Alice Crosby

    On 10 February 2021, 11:34 Alice Crosby commented:

    I definitely think this whole pandemic has changed the way the arts industry works in this digital age as well as how we look at the arts industry. I think when events like concerts go back to being in person there will still be the idea of online streaming to be able to reach larger audiences and making events more accessible for people, especially those who may not be able to attend events in person.
    I also think things like concert films and documentaries are and will become a lot more popular as it reaches a large audience for the artists (like the live streams).

  • Aarya Kumar

    On 10 February 2021, 16:36 Aarya Kumar commented:

    It’s great to hear that pandemic isn’t restricting artists from performing and fans from getting to experience the excitement of concerts especially from artists they idolise, support and follow. However, live streamed concerts are a different experience to in-person concerts. How does the experience of a live streamed concert differ from that of an in-person concert in your opinion based off your personal experiences ?

  • Alice Crosby

    On 10 February 2021, 17:10 Alice Crosby commented:

    For sure! It definitely is a whole different experience because you don’t have the whole atmosphere of chatting with everyone in the crowd and making friends whilst you all wait for the artist to come on stage.

    But whilst we wait to get back to that the atmosphere you get from live streams has adapted to create one that is cosy almost, everyone has a front row seat and it’s a lot more intimate which isn’t something you can get in an arena like normal. I really like this effect a live stream gets so I do hope that artists continue live streaming their events even when we are back to in person shows!

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