Celebrating Arts Award Alumni, Arts Award 15th Birthday

Arts Award has been supporting the development of creativity and leadership skills for all young people for 15 years. Arts Award has championed creativity, nurtured talent and offered insights into the arts world, together with a taste of creative careers. Across the UK there are over 4,000 centres and an impressive 563,973 awards achieved. That's a LOT of Gold, Silver, Bronze, Explore and Discover Arts Awards over the years!

Celebrating Arts Award Alumni, Arts Award 15th Birthday

Celebrating Arts Award Alumni

You’ll find Arts Award achievers in a huge variety of career paths, both in and beyond the arts. To celebrate 15 years of supporting the development of creativity and leadership skills for all young people, we’re highlighting some interesting roles in the creative industries that Arts Award achievers have ventured in to, from working in television to business managers. 

Bhavesh Jadva: Junior Researcher

bbf7b81b7dd972c13af6c6ff5ecc5eaf3fd19f6c.png Bhavesh Jadva was one of the founder editors of Voice, when doing his Arts Award way back when. He's currently working as a Junior Researcher at Potato, ITV Studios, in factual television. He completed his Bronze Arts Award in 2011 and his Gold in 2016, both at Peshkar Productions in Oldham. 

Read more about Bhavesh and what he's been up to in his career since completing his Arts Award >>

Becky Lawn: Social Scientist 


Becky works as a social scientist in public health and lives in Vancouver, but she still remembers the benefits of doing an Arts Award in 2008, when she was 16 years old. She currently researches the impact of mental health on physical health in women, using large cohort data or national databases.

Read more about what Becky is up to now and how completing her Arts Award has helped her >>

Ceri Davies: Disability rights campaigner

cd1726e73d39606b73d44d35a7ebac8f8eb3412d.pngCeri is a disability rights campaigner and runs her own community interest company More Mascots Please. She completed her Silver Arts Award in disability dance in 2012 and has a degree in early childhood studies joint with sociology and a mater’s in youth and community work. 

Find out more about Ceri's activism and what she's been up to since her Arts Award >>

Emrys Green: Business and Projects Manager


Emrys Green is Business and Projects Manager for Upstart Projects and completed his Silver Arts Award in 2006 with Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds. He talks us through what he did for his Gold, Silver and Bronze Arts Award projects and what he's been us to since.

Read more about Emrys and his career progress >>

Hattie Hignell: Senior Print Artist 


Hattie Hignell did her Gold Arts Award around eight years ago and now works as a Senior Print Artist for a children's retailer in the US. She completed her Gold Arts Award in 2007 at Bodmin College and has since got inspired around still life painting in a modern context. 

Find out more about Hattie's creative journey and her art career highlights to date >>

Jessica Johnson: Novelist


Jessica Johnson who achieved her Arts Award 10 years back and is now pursuing her dream to be an urban fantasy novelist for young adults. She recently created a short film for Skimstone Arts during the lockdown.

Read more about Jessica's writing and film-making journey >>

Phoebe Hill: Set designer for theatre


Phoebe Hill designs sets, costumes and puppets for the theatre industry and is the Operations and Events Manager for a charity-run community centre. She completed her Gold Arts Award remotely back in 2011

Read more about Phoebe's involvement with the theatre industry and her career to date >>

Sapphire Urwick: Theatre Company Director 

740eb6576e3d806606728c701a69ef67f45965d8.pngSapphire Urwick achieved her Bronze Arts Award 15 years ago, in Arts Award’s first year in operation!  Since then she’s set up a theatre company and worked as an educator and trainer for the NHS. 

Read more about Sapphire's career over the years >>

Tarryne Wills: Production Coordinator


Tarryne Wills is a Production Coordinator for television based in Bristol, organising filming teams ready for a shoot. She completed Bronze Arts Award in 2009 at Poole Arts Centre and her Silver Arts Award in 2012 at Poole High School.

Find out how Tarryne's Arts Award helped her get into her current career >>

Tom Spence: Composer


Tom Spence is a Volunteer Support Staff member of Skimstone Arts and composer of music for film. He took his Silver in 2008 and his Gold in 2012 with Skimstone Arts and has since been composing music and acting for film.  

Find out more about the projects that Tom has been working on >>

Arts Award alumni news

Read more interviews with Arts Award alumi or visit the Arts Award Voice Community Hub for exclusive alumni updates, support and discounts. If you've recently finished your Arts Award and want to let us know what you're up to, drop Nici the Arts Editor an email.


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