Working at Affinity Festival: Part 2

Throughout the week we had been working on making decorations for our area of the festival, the Space. Having spent weeks coming up with design ideas and sourcing materials, now was the time to put it into reality. Ola, myself and Leila had all been part of the same team working on this area.

Working at Affinity Festival: Part 2

We wanted The Space to feel otherworldly, almost like an alien invasion, so we stuck to traditional space age materials like shiny silver foil, lava lamps and huge galaxy banners. I spent the Wednesday starting to put up decorations as well as helping to make badges for the performing artists, and running on last minute shopping errands. Ola created long strings of CDs which would be strung across the ceiling, whilst Leila made curved foil designs, stretching like alien life forms across the walls of the gallery. We also had glass vases filled with flower beads, alien putty, glowsticks and space raiders!

The week before the festival was spent with everyone frantically decorating their area or fine-tuning their plans. Jas, Bobster and Lorna turned the meeting room into an Arabian Nights cinema area: purples, reds and golds, hung fabrics and lots of popcorn! Lewis and Catherine decorated the café bar with an art deco style which was filled with Dance tape laid out in a design that Lewis created himself. Niall, Lena and Veronica adorned the studio with Egyptian themes, complete with collages and illustrated wall hangings ready for the workshops they had organised. Nadia organised the last of the performers whilst Blossom and Dom finalised the plans for the volunteers. Leila and Lucia's music planning was about to come into play. It felt like a real team effort and was amazing to see all our designs come together and look so fantastic!

It was a full on week before the festival helping plan and set it up every day but it was definitely worth it to see the end result!

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