Book binding video tutorial

Coptic stitch book binding tutorial

Book binding video tutorial

Part D. Book Binding.

For my Skill Share I decided to create a video tutorial on how to make a small hand bound book, I shared it by filming it and then posting the video on Voice Mag. I chose to make a book because I always find I have lots and lots of art and writing lying about on bits of scrap paper, so to stop this happening to me and others I thought I’d try and make a few books out of materials that most people have lying around.  By just collecting a few sheets of paper, some card, a needle and thread and a few tools you can make a beautiful little notebook or sketch book. 

    In preparation I learnt how to use YouCut -  the editing software that I’d chosen (this was a big challenge for me), I made a practice book to perfect my techniques and I collected all the required materials:

  1. A cutting mat 
  2. A pair of scissors 
  3. A pencil
  4. Glue
  5. A craft knife 
  6. A ruler 
  7. An awl 
  8. A needle and thread 
  9. Paper
  10. Paper or fabric 
  11. Card 

 I also had to work out the best way to film and instruct my video, after some experimenting I came to the conclusion that the best way to do it was to have my phone hanging over my project on my phone stand and to use captions rather than narrate it due to the audio quality. 

     At the  start of the video I chose to show a picture of what the final book would look like and what materials would be needed so that anyone watching could decide early on if they wanted to make the book. I also tried to list lots of alternative tools and materials to make the video as accessible as possible. The rest of the video consists of two things; the main steps/method and “top tips” which are some of the more complicated steps and language broken down into simpler explanations. If I were to redo this Skill Share I would like to experiment with trying a voice over rather than captions, I’d like to try teaching in person rather than online. I filmed in the wrong orientation so I’d definitely want to correct that if I made a new video.

see video here:  

If there was anything you especially liked or disliked please let me know in the comments so I can improve for next time.

I hope the video is easy enough to follow and understand. 

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  • Charlotte Ralph

    On 16 January 2021, 16:22 Charlotte Ralph commented:

    A fantastic tutorial Rose! I can see a lot of time and effort has gone into making this. I love that 'Top Tip' flashes up. The numbered instructions are nice and clear and if you needed to pause it you would know exactly where to go back to, if needed. You have done a great job of filming and editing this video, I could clearly see what you were doing at each stage. What a clever skill to share and you make it look so easy! Perhaps some music would have added to what is a brilliant tutorial!

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