Arts Award are down at MozFest 2015 this weekend to look at the ways we can get creative with technology and digital media.


This weekend I'm attending MozFest15 at Ravensbourne College in London with the Arts Award team. MozFest is a digital media an technology festival run by Mozilla, attended by people from all over the world. The festival has events run by a number of different facilitators, spanning over nine floors of creative space which are all looking at innovative technology and new creations.

Initially I didn't realise just how creative technology could be, or the scope it has in terms of artistic value. Speaking to some other facilitators while setting up, I became aware that digital creation is in itself an art. The events and workshops that are being held are so diverse, here's an example of just a few of the things going on:

  • Raspberry Pi workshops - These workshops are an introduction to creative programming and basic electronics using a range of software, such as Sonic Pi, Minecraft Pi, Python and Scratch. This is a chance for young children to work with accessible media that they know well, e.g. Minecraft and use it to learn how to programme.
  • Tate Digital Learning - Albums is the digital web platform used by the Tate to curate artworks, research items and collate data. Participants will get a chance to interact with the software and then use it to make their own artistic digital platforms.
  • Localisation and Craft - This is a chance for creative exploration of an unfamiliar language using imagery. Visual aids will be used to look at cultural heritage and the Songhay language.

Over the course of the weekend we are offering young people the chance to get involved with Arts Award, this could be through starting their Bronze or looking at completing a Discover Award during their visit. The aim is to promote the connection between the digital world and creativity, and expel the myth that technology is only scientifically-orientated. By interacting with Arts Award young people will have the opportunity to develop their interest in tech as an art form.

I'm really looking forward to two events in particular; the 3D modelling and digital fabrication workshops. In the 3D modelling workshop you can learn how to use modelling software to create 3D printed objects, such as a humanoid robot. The digital fabrication workshop looks at learning creative ways for users to make tools for activism. Such as making giant banners, carving linoleum and spray painting. This workshop holds particular interest for me as it is an area which I would need to have some knowledge of for my future career plans.


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