Bronze Arts Award goes to Disneyland. FILM REVIEW

Here is my review on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest  film, part  of the Arts Award I am doing. 

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Review of:

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

The story of the film follows Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew in finding a special key and a chest, in this chest there is a real beating heart which belongs to Davey johns, but the key is in Davy Jones' tentacle beard. There are several sword fights to get the key but in the end captain Jack Sparrow gets the key and takes Davy Jones' heart and puts it into a big jar of sand which the heart then gets stolen from someone else. During the film there were several fighting scenes, mainly sword fighting and a funny one was towards the end where there is this scene with three men on the top of a ruin of, I guess a house or watermill. At a certain point the big wooden wheel detaches, and it was quite funny, rolling down the hill with two people still fighting on top! At around the end the kraken is called from the undersea creatures and Jack Sparrow and his crew are under attack, only a few crew members survive and they all (apart from jack sparrow because is handcuffed to the ship) abandon ship, then Jack Sparrow “dies” and everyone is sad. There were several amusing and hilarious situations in which they show that this really is a fantasy story for instance, giant octopus eating boats entirely! I believe it is a fun film.

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  • morgana Andrews

    On 14 June 2020, 13:26 morgana Andrews commented:

    I can see from your writing how interested you are in the details of this film and especially the sword fighting scenes, and you clearly know the story well from beginning to end... you made me want to watch it too!

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