Covid-19: Has it created a new normal?

And if it hasn’t, would we like it to?

Covid-19: Has it created a new normal?

As we enter our fourth month of dealing with the Covid-19 virus, people are looking misty-eyed towards a future where the virus has gone and we can return to our normal lives with our loved ones. 

But, and hear me out here, what if we didn’t go back to how things were? What if we took some of our experiences during lockdown to create a new normal, one that was built on compassion and kindness, and valued the work that people made in society rather than those who profit from it?

Or perhaps working conditions could be improved, with a less stressful environment for shop workers, or work from home initiatives becoming the normal rather than an exception? It would reduce stressful travel and give people more time to connect with their families. 

The environment would also benefit enormously. We’ve seen study after study showing the material impact that lockdown has had on the environment, from improved air quality to creatures being able to nest undisturbed. Now we’ve been able to see what a detrimental effect we have on the environment, we might be more inclined to work to reduce it. 

Maybe your new normal is less profound? Perhaps during lockdown you’ve learned to cook, and are now the household master chef. Would you like to keep that good habit going once restaurants and takeaways are fully reopened, rather than constantly opting for processed food?

So, I’m asking you, what will be your new normal? It can be as big or small as you like, as ambitious or safe as you dare to dream. We want to know what you want to see in a post-Covid world. What are you hoping for? 

Post to the website with your New Normal ideas, and tag it New Normal for us to see! 


Tom Inniss

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