Culture lockdown: Literature

Words that have literally come to life.

Culture lockdown: Literature

Welcome to another Culture lockdown series, and we're back looking at literature. 

This time we've taken a slightly different approach to bringing you literature based lockdown leisure, scouring the web for experiences that you can take part in, as well as ones that really bring the works to life. Some of these are time sensitive, and others will be ready and waiting for you when you have the time. 

Enjoy, and if you do try any of these out, do let us know! We're @voicemaguk on Twitter and Instagram!

Hear stars read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Ask people of a certain age to name a book that defines their childhood and I bet many will say one from the Harry Potter series. Personally mine was the Order of the Phoenix, in case you were wondering. No doubt fans old and new will undoubtedly be excited to hear that stars including Daniel Radcliffe, Stephen Fry and Eddie Redmayne are taking turns to read a chapter from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on video, which is then being released on a weekly basis. 

These videos are available for free Harry Potter at Home, which is part of Wizarding World. The audio is available exclusively on Spotify. I’ll certainly take that over a troll in the dungeon any day!

Anthony Horowitz reads Alex Rider: Stormbreaker

If teenage spy thrillers are more your thing, then you’ve probably heard of Alex Rider, the reluctant teenage spy from beloved author Anthony Horowitz. It all started back in 2000 with Stormbreaker, and 20 years on, Horowitz is reading the whole book on YouTube, releasing a chapter a week. 

If you want to hear how Alex takes on wealthy businessman Herod Sayle, then there’s no better way to hear it than directly from the author’s mouth. 

Andy Serkis reads The Hobbit

Carrying on the theme of this article, we have actor and director Andy Serkis reading The Hobbit in a single, mammoth 11 hour sitting, for charity. The stream is now over and unfortunately isn’t available to watch in full, but the Tolkein estate have permitted chapter five of Serkis’ #hobbitathon to stay online, and it just so happens to feature Gollum!

The video was due to come down on 14 May, but at time of writing is still available so check it out while you can!

Luke Wright nightly poetry readings624c6992e4915d9d010c0e1c67a407a6ea2b2f8e.jpg

If you didn’t catch our written interview with Luke Wright (or our live streamed Instaview with him) you might have missed that he has been performing live on Twitter every night for over a month now! He goes live at 8pm every night, and the performance will stay live on his Twitter account until the following day. He has reached 63 consecutive gigs at the time of writing with no signs of stopping soon...

Check his Twitter account out now for more details!


If you’re looking for inspiration and advice about expanding your own writing capabilities, then poet and author Rupi Kaur has you covered. In hour-long workshops, Kaur is giving advice on writing poetry, and if you’re lucky you’ll get to share your efforts with the group. Keep an eye on her Instagram to see when the next one goes live.

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