How To Make A Photography Studio From Home!

This is a general introduction into how to make a photography studio at home, including all the basic essentials you will need. 

Its a simple but effective way to get really nice photos!

How To Make A Photography Studio From Home!

I used this method for my college photography project on creative lighting. As I ran out of time to use the studio at college, I made my own at home. I asked my mum to be the model and she sat on a stool in my home made studio. I used a combination of my phone torch and a light attachment from my camera ( remember that you don't need all this stuff, I have it from my project) and used it to create shadows- that I needed for my project. It ended up going really well, I spent about an hour experimenting and seeing what worked best with both me and the model moving into different possessions to make unique pictures.

For this is a fantastic technique as its so quick and effective, all you need is a- blank, dark wall, something to take pictures with, a light source (phone torch will do) and a muse/model.

The most important thing to incorporate and consider when setting up is if the room is dark enough to be able to control the light so you can make shadows or focus it on one place. This will give you a lot more freedom to use different angles and be more creative then the sun light would as your in charge of the light and the natural light is to unpredictable.

There are many additional techniques you can include to create your perfect gram picture, such as the rule of three. This is a basic photography rule that will help you whenever you are using a camera. Every image can be split into three components, vertically or horizontally, so for instance its as simple as having a model in the middle of a picture and nice neutral colours like black on the thirds either side.

Last but not least you need an inspiration, a model, a muse- anything you want to photograph! I like to use people as there's always stories in a person, in there eyes and poses, but you can find beauty in anything and this can be turned into the perfect picture.


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