Why you should consider taking up martial arts for your mental health and body

Martial arts provides a wide range of health benefits which include befits to mental health, weight loss, cardiovascular health and much more.

Why you should consider taking up martial arts for your mental health and body

The importance of remaining fit and healthy is vital today and in a world full of fast food and indulgence, it's a must. It's easy to get caught up in eating the wrong foods for our bodies, especially as they are so easy to access and in most cases are much cheaper than healthier alternatives. For this reason, many are concerned with keeping fit and how best to do so. There are numerous exercises that we can carry out in order to help us stay healthy and one of those is getting involved in martial arts. 

Martial arts provides a wide range of health benefits for anyone who is interested in taking it up and unlike other activities, it helps to work different parts of the body. There are of course many different exercises out there that can help people work on specific areas but if you're looking for an activity that can help with overall body and mind health, martial arts is the one. In addition to the added health benefits of martial arts, it can also instil discipline and confidence in anybody who participates. Health and fitness are both intertwined in martial arts and here are the five health benefits of it. 

Cardiovascular health 

Cardiovascular health is the health of the heart and blood vessels in the body which carries oxygen and nutrients around the body to the tissues while removing carbon dioxide and other wastes away from them. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) has stated that it can be difficult for adults to meet their suggested amount of daily exercise. This is quite important in relation to cardiovascular health and exercise is key to help manage a healthy heart. When doing martial arts, during training, participating in drills can help to increase heart rate building up cardiovascular endurance and aid in impacting one's aerobic exercise. 

Muscle Tone 

The human body consists of around 650 contractions of the skeletal muscles which help our limbs to move. Participating in martial arts can help students increase muscle mass and help them become toned overall. The movement in punching and kicking requires students to use a lot of strength. This means the students will need to demand movement from the muscles in order for their bodies, mainly arms and legs, to move. In doing so it will simultaneously strengthen their core, creating toned muscles. The amount of muscle mass in our bodies is also connected to our metabolism. The more muscle mass we have the higher our metabolic demands are in order to move our muscles. This means that our bodies will burn calories even while our bodies are at rest. 

Weight Loss

As mentioned above, increasing muscle mass which increases our metabolism can aid in weight loss. If your objective is to lose weight, martial arts is a great form of exercise which works most of the body contributing to overall weight loss. Sessions can range between 1.5 to 2 hours and meets the required amount of time set by CDCP, who recommends 150 minutes of exercise at moderate- intensity every week. To meet these standards and to help students lose weight, getting into martial arts and practising it two to three times a week is the perfect solution to losing the weight desired. 

Blood pressure 

May participants will notice overall improved health when taking part in martial arts due to its rigorous training methods. Because of this, one of its benefits is improved blood pressure. The repetitive movements in martial arts can mimic and behave like high-intensity training that is great at reducing and controlling blood pressure. The way it works is by improving one's cardiovascular strength and through martial arts, you are slowing down your resting heart rate which in turn lowers your blood pressure.  

Mental Health

Many different studies have shown that carrying out exercise can help improve mental health. By using your energy in martial arts it allows you to relieve the stresses of your day. By focusing on the task at hand, you are able to be distracted away from the problems in your life, giving you a greater sense of mindfulness by helping you be in the present moment. On a more scientific level, keeping active triggers your body to release endorphins which not only make you feel better but also reduces the risk of premature death. The practise of martial arts also comes with some certain philosophies which encourage and help students learn more about themselves. It helps with self-discipline, goal setting and creates an environment for healthy competition. 

Practising martial arts is truly a mind and body experience and can help in many different areas of life and overall body health, as we have explored above. There are some added benefits such as improved reflexes and greater mobility that also come with martial arts which is why it is a great sport to get into. 


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