6 compelling reasons to do a brain dump during lockdown

With lockdowns in place all across the world due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are all left wondering how to spend our time wisely. As this time can be overwhelming, a brain dump during lockdown can help this time to be more positive.

6 compelling reasons to do a brain dump during lockdown

With lockdowns in place all across the world due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are all left wondering how to spend our time wisely. However, these times can be overwhelming, challenging and completely uncertain. Although, a brain dump during lockdown can be the key you need to enjoy this time more positively. 

What is a brain dump?

A brain dump usually involves the act of free writing all of your thoughts and feelings on to paper. This includes all thoughts like the nagging, negative ones and positive, happy ones. All things that this lockdown is making you think and feel right now.

The beauty of a brain dump is that you can customise it to you and do it whichever way feels best to you. You can journal, type it up on your computer or phone or express them in art, there are many ways to complete a brain a dump. Whichever method you choose to do your brain dump it can be necessary to change the way you are feeling in lockdown.

6 Reasons you need to brain dump during lockdown 

1. Release Stress and Mental Overwhelm

Often, thoughts can spiral out of control and lead to overthinking, stress and overwhelm. This makes it very difficult to sort through them and think rationally. Sometimes, you need to write them down in order to get them out of your head.

Therefore, conducting a brain dump and writing down all of those thoughts can help relieve the stress they are causing you. A brain dump enables you to take the weight off your shoulders as you articulate your thoughts in sentences and understandable language. Therefore, giving your brain some much needed rest and space to think more clearly.

2. Bring thoughts into Reality

Writing down the thoughts in the chaos of your mind helps to articulating them into reality. Maybe your thoughts are completely justified and rational. Or you might find that these thoughts are irrational and ridiculous! Writing thoughts down makes them more real and easier to deal with.

Without expressing them in an effective way, these thoughts and feelings will continue spiral out of control. A brain dump will help you reflect on the thoughts in rational ways, in the context of reality, and put your mind at ease. From there you can act further on your thoughts to ease stress further. For example, doing research from trusted sources and falling victim to fake news during covid-19 that makes you panic more.

3. Perspective in Lockdown

Once your thoughts are well articulated and you begin to take action to counteract any negative thoughts, you can gain positive perspective. Perspective is a great way to rationalise your thoughts and also think more positively. Begin to let go of the negative thoughts that are not serving you and write next to them positive alternatives to counteract your negative thoughts. 

Such as the generosity of others and ways you can contribute to the world coming together. As well as the time at home with your family and being more present in life rather than flying through each day. Of course, worries will happen during lockdown and uncertain but generating this perspective can leave worries behind and bring about an appreciation for this time. 

4. Replenish your Energy

Negative thoughts, feelings and overthinking can lead to a lack of sleep and lack of motivation. This is not good for your energy or your health during a pandemic. Resulting in you being unable to positively and constructively use your time during lockdown.

Therefore, a brain dump during lockdown will replenish your energy. By releasing you from stress and worries you can improve your sleep, feel replenished and more motivated in lockdown. This, in turn, also improves your mentality, helps your brain rest effectively and boosts your health to stabilise yourself these in turbulent times.

5. Refine your To-do List

As well as snowballing thoughts, a brain dump during lockdown can be excellent to sort through tasks you want to complete. You may already view this time in lockdown as time to positively and actively work for something. However, you may have so many ideas that you don’t know where to start.

Write them all down and filter through the ideas to formulate a to-do list. This can help your priorities tasks and identify which are most important to you personally. Therefore, generating more focus and motivation towards each task as you tackle them one at a time. 

6. Get more Creative

Now that you know a brain dump can help re-energise you and relive you of stress, you may find yourself being much more creative. Often as a creative, an overactive and overwhelmed brain can lead to creative blocks and lack of motivation. Therefore, leaving your creative practice and your happiness to suffer.

A brain dump can help you explore those mental blocks, overcome them and understand how these thoughts are impacting your creativity. Get your juices flowing with a much-needed brain dump during lockdown.

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