Innovative ways to keep yourself entertained during quarantine!

This list is by no means exhaustive but I thought I’d share some ideas!

Innovative ways to keep yourself entertained during quarantine!
  1. Learn a new dance routine!

As you may have seen on my TIkTok, I’ve been spending a lot of time bullying my family members into coming to dance with me! I’m going to do a full post about ideas for routines you can learn, but in the meantime, the macarena will suffice! Get groovin’!

  1. Try out some wacky makeup!

This is a blog post I’ve already published, which you can find here: - now is the perfect time to perfect that winged eyeliner, work on your eyeshadow skills, or experiment with bright lipsticks. Be brave - you don’t have to post a selfie if it didn’t work out!

  1. Make people laugh

There is so much negativity going round on social media and in the news right now that we could all do with a good giggle. Take to your TikTok feed, IG Live, or even just perform an impromptu stand-up routine for the rest of your household, but make them laugh, whatever you do! Now is not the time to be shy, just go for it!

  1. Learn a new skill

This one is pretty obvious, but there is no limit on what you could teach yourself right now! A simple Google search can already put you on the right track to becoming an expert cook, clothes maker, card shuffler, yogi extraordinaire - you name it, you can do it!

  1. Keep a record of it all

And not just on your social media! Turn your phone off, or leave it in another room, and grab a pen and notebook and WRITE. Or, film yourself talking (but don’t post it anywhere). This isn’t for anyone other than you. The benefits of processing your day in this way are really brilliant, especially if you are having a tough time mentally at the moment (which is totally understandable, by the way). Use this period as a time for reflection and introspection, and be completely honest. You never have to read it back, just keep it as an in-the-moment stream of consciousness and watch the benefits happen. 

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