Wacky makeup looks you can practice at home!

We’re all looking for ways to stave off the boredom, and one of my go-to activities recently has been trying out some of the more difficult/out-there makeup trends! Here’s a rundown of what I’ve been trying out…

Wacky makeup looks you can practice at home!
  1. 60s eyeliner

Forget the emo phase of the early 2000s, the TRUE eyeliner era was the 60s. Don’t believe me? Just google any photo of Twiggy or Sharon Tate and you’ll see what I mean. This look is pretty out-there so I haven’t quite got enough courage to wear it out in public yet… But all that means is that it’s perfect for quarantine! 

  1. Colourful eyeshadow

This definitely requires some at-home experimentation! You need time to work out how the colours fit together, how to blend them all properly (including which brushes work best) and that’s before you even *think* about how to match it to your outfit. Luckily for us, everything goes with pyjamas!

  1. SFX!

Maybe we’ll be out in time for Halloween…? Let’s not think about the alternative. In the meantime, I’m gonna start practicing some beginner looks, like a bruised eye! Bonus points for freaking out your family members! There are some really good tutorials on YouTube as well :)

  1. Warpaint!

Okay, maybe I’ve just been in isolation for too long… But drawing stuff on your face and pretending to be a Viking is fun and not at all embarassing from the comfort of your bedroom. So channel your inner Lagertha, grab your eye pencils and start doing some scary battle makeup! To fight, erm… Corona?

  1. Contour

Brought back by the rising popularity of drag, contouring is so much more than just sweeping some bronzer across your cheekbones - you can contour nose, jawline, and some drag kings even contour on a full set of abs! Get creative with this one, and get ready to show off the bone structure of the summer as soon as we’re allowed out again!

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