Italian Photographers I’m Taking Inspiration From On Instagram

Italian Photographers I’m Taking Inspiration From On Instagram

Italian Photographers I’m Taking Inspiration From On Instagram

As some of you may have noticed, I have recently upped my Instagram game. Posting pics with inspirational quotes that mean a lot to me has led me to take some photography based inspiration from some of my favourite Italian based artists from the world of picture taking. Here is a list of some of my faves!

Mimmo Jodice

Mimmo Jodice was never really interested in using the camera to document reality, even when, in his first years as a photographer, that’s exactly what he did. His early work captures stories in his native city, Naples, but Jodice’s attention for the formal qualities of an image and photography’s potential to create – not only to record – is already present. His stunning, beautiful and evocative images are some of my favourite in the world for sure.

Paolo Pellegrin

With countless more awards and recognitions under his belt, Paolo Pellegrin, 54, is Italy’s leading contemporary photojournalist. A Magnum photographer, Pellegrin has contributed to bringing a less straightforward and more subjective approach to war photography, with his dark, blurry pictures that, far from being bad photographs, rather emphasise the drama of conflict.

Oliviero Toscani

A fashion and advertising photographer who works with leading international brands myself and Oliviero have a lot of ties to the fashion world. Part of some of the most poignant photography campaigns to date, Toscani is a talent that I definitely admire.

Check out some of my snaps on my Instagram below.


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