Why the arts should be taken more seriously.

Why the arts should be taken more seriously.

Why the arts should be taken more seriously.

The arts contribute massively to the uk economy contributing 76.9bn and creating 5.6% of all jobs. This is a substantial contribution to the uk, which is one of
the things that makes it so suprising that the industry is so sapped of funding and backing. I am really passionate about this and I can not understand why the arts
arn't taken as seriously as other curricular subjects in schools. If these budgets were boosted the arts could make even more money and even more jobs, this seems like an obvious
choice for the country and just shows how important the arts are to it.

The fact art is throttled so heavily in schools means that children don't have the ability to draw outside of the box so they are limited to very basic skills.
In fact 97% of the union’s teachers agreed that Sats preparation did not support children’s access to a broad and balanced curriculum, saying the time taken to prepare
children for assessment in maths and English has squeezed out other subjects and activities. This is very worrying as it limits creativity for people as they are in the
most malleable time of there lives where they can be affected by anything they do. So the fact that this creativeness is limited is really worrying for the future.

Creative subjects are not included in the five core subjects this generally leaves room for only one creative subject at GCSE at most. Between 2003 and 2013,
there was a 50% drop in the GCSE numbers for design and technology, 23% for drama and 25% for other craft-related subjects.
They have to make independent decisions all the way, and be self-critical. They also need to be brave in exposing their creations, and accept criticism. Working in teams makes students into good communicators.

Some people will say that the governments budget should be used in other areas and it would be better used there. Possibly creating new infestructure for the country etc
. What isn't understood with this is that for new buildings to be made the architects have to have an understanding of art and for the general happiness of the population
art is a massive boost.

Overall Arts are an extreamly useful and critical to how the world work. Without art people would be a lot less creative in the world and this would create
heavy limitations on what we make and what we do.

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