How to unleash your creativity and reach your true potential

There’s a common belief that people are divided into two categories: creative and non-creative individuals. As it’s the case with most black and white analysis, this theory doesn’t reflect reality in the least. So, let’s talk about the grey area that is much more likely to provide us with relevant answers on the matter.

How to unleash your creativity and reach your true potential

The undeniable truth, backed up by scientific research and common sense, is that everyone has a creative potential. Even though some people have a more pronounced natural inclination towards creating than others, we must remember that genetics are only a piece of the puzzle. The environment you live in, the education you receive, your life experiences and many other factors have an important say in the way you manifest your creativity. What differentiates people is what they do with their potential. Some nurture it and develop it, while others don’t exploit it at all. 

Fortunately, for those of you whose creativity is in dormant state and believe there’s not an ounce of inspiration in you, we’ve got news. It’s never too late to light the creative spark or make it burn brighter. No matter what your area of activity or interest is, becoming more creative can bring you great benefits. Let’s see how you can connect with your creative self and reach your true potential:  

Get out of your comfort zone

Routine is creativity’s biggest enemy. Our self-preservation instinct tries to keep us safe and sound in our comfort zone and that is perfectly normal. While having a routine is hardly a crime, when you refrain from doing things just because you’d rather follow the same behavioural pattern every day, you’re cancelling your chances of using your creative power.  

Instead of building walls around yourself, you could try to get out of your shell every once in a while, and experience something different. You will learn that what you know about yourself might not be entirely true, because preconceptions aren’t always directed towards others, but they affect the way we see ourselves as well. 

A change of scenery, a journey to a place you’ve never been before, interacting with people you don’t know and who have different backgrounds, occupations and beliefs are all effective ways of challenging yourself and discover new perspectives.  

Never stop learning

If you’ve completed your formal education, it doesn’t mean that you’re done gaining knowledge as learning is a lifelong process. Every day is a new opportunity to learn something and evolve as an individual. Although your brain is not literally a muscle, you should know that it works just like one, meaning that it can be trained and improved. If you want to keep your brain fit, feeding it new information and learning new skills are the best exercises you can practice.

Learning from diverse sources can also be helpful, as you will activate more areas in your brain in the process and give it a healthy workout. Think outside of the box and go beyond the school-like settings that limit your possibilities. Learning methods such as watching tutorials, taking game-based courses or finding an online tutor can be more appealing than traditional methods and are usually more effective when it comes to stimulating your creativity.

Put your thoughts down on paper

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to start writing. In fact, it’s not important at all if you have writing talent or not, as the point of this technique is not to transform you into a best-selling author. If you do discover a passion for writing, that’s fantastic. But the true purpose of writing exercises is to unlock your creative potential. 

All you have to do is grab a pen and a piece of paper and start writing on any topic or on no topic at all. It’s just you and your thoughts, in a creative bubble. Put down on paper whatever comes to mind and let the ideas flow freely, without worrying about the style, form or mistakes, as there are no rules. You’ll be surprised at the amount of interesting ideas that can pop into your head, the connections you can create and the power of your imagination.  

Keep moving 

Working out can do much more than helping you achieve physical fitness. Scientists believe that supporting the growth of hippocampal cells in the brain through physical activity can also help spark inspiration. So, if you’re facing an issue that seems impossible to solve, don’t sit around waiting for inspiration to come to you. Instead, go for a run, clear your mind and make room for new ideas. 

Exercising can help improve your mood and keep stress at bay by increasing the level of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. When you’re in a positive state of mind you’re more likely to feel motivated and inspired. A good workout also increases your blood flow and that means brain functions such as memory and focus will be enhanced. It seems that simple things like jogging, walking your dog or hitting the dance floor can actually put you in a creative mood. 

Don’t ignore your inspiration

Everyone has hobbies and passions. Unfortunately, most people get tangled up in daily routines and boring activities that take up all their time and dry up their creativity. After a while, it’s hard to get back in touch with your creative resources. 

That’s why it’s important to find time for activities that inspire you and focus on what motivates you and brings excitement to your life. You should never give up on pursuing your interests, because you can only reach your true potential when you follow your instinct and learn how to use your creative energy. 

Believe in yourself

Maybe constant criticism and lack of support made you lose your self-confidence. But until you recognize your true worth and learn how to appreciate your uniqueness, you won’t be able to achieve the things you’re fighting for. Start every endeavour with the knowledge that you possess the creativity and ability to turn your ideas into reality. 

Although it’s normal to go through tough times, you should always keep in mind that you have what it takes to push through. Your desire to overcome obstacles and grow will lead you on a creative path and will open the door to countless opportunities.

Header Image Credit: Ameen Fahmy on Unsplash

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