What memory would you give for a beautifully fragile cup?

My ‘spotlight’ #twinterviews are with the “brilliant” #untitled10 artists exhibiting at The Bowes Museum. Ceramicist Judy Dibiase works with the importance of memory and act of remembering. Judy created 200 cups in exchange for memories.

I hope you can enjoy my recent ‘spotlight’ #twinterviews with the “brilliant” #untitled10 artists currently exhibiting at The Bowes Museum until Feb 28th. Talkin' Culture ran these #twinterviews for @thebowescentre. Each artist has responded to the museum and collection in a unique way with an emphasis on craft and making. Ceramicist Judy Dibiase is concerned with the importance of memory and the act of remembering. 

Judy Dibiase #twinterview transcript

Thank you for joining us today Judy @judyceramics for your #twinterview with @talkinculture Q1 Why did you become particularly interested in memory and triggers for remembering? #untitled10 @talkinculture @thebowesmuseum

Judy @judyceramics A1. Thank you for talking to me. It’s good to have questions about your work externalised. I have always been interested in people, their  stories  their memories - think I am nosey – for me our memories make us who we are. I am fascinated with relationships with objects and how they can act as a catalyst for remembering – you only have to spend time drawing in any museum to hear how interacting with objects can trigger recollections. #Untitled10

Judy @judyceramics Q2 You created 200 beautifully fragile cups for @thebowesmuseum #untitled10 2019 exhibition, given away for free in return for memories. How did you decide on what image or text each fragile cup presented? #untitled10 #twinterview @talkinculture

Judy @judyceramics A2. Each individual cup had image and/ or text that was pertinent to Josephine Bowes. I wanted  to get insight into her and her relationship  with things. The text was from documents and letters from the archives and then my drawings from objects in the Bowes collections that had a resonance for Josephine. #Untitled10

Judy @judyceramics Q3 What earliest memory do you have that started or committed you to your creative path? #twinterview #untitled10 @talkinculture  @thebowesmuseum

Judy @judyceramics A3. I think it was being given clay in an art class - it was when ceramics was still widely taught in schools. It is such an amazing material and then finding out you could make things/objects with it! It's magic. #Untitled10

Judy @judyceramics Q4 You worked with subjects that were meaningful to Josephine Bowes. Is Josephine’s identity in terms of her social, ethical, political or artistic interests communicated fully enough @thebowesmuseum? #untitled10 #twinterview @talkinculture

Judy @judyceramics A4 I think there is a myriad of women lost in history whose achievements are not recognised or acknowledged and Josephine does have the legacy of the Bowes. There is however very little written evidence from her or about her. She was a product of her time, where woman would have been commodities and therefore there is so much to celebrate about her.  I  feel there is a lot more to uncover and unearth about her achievements and skills.  Hopefully as this happens she will become more universally recognised and celebrated. #Untitled10

Judy @judyceramics Q5 How could museums create more memories as part of the visitor experience for deeper, emotional or personal connections? #untitled10 #twinterview @talkinculture

Judy @judyceramics A5 Museums are the custodians of histories and stories through the objects and we are all interested in narratives!  The more museums can connect us to these stories the better. A progressive initiative like #untitled10 has been very successful in this respect. So more innovative projects like this please! Big ask I know! 

Thank you very much Judy @judyceramics for your #twinterview with @talkinculture today. Followers you can see more of Judy’s work here: https://www.judydibiaseceramics.com/ The #untitled10 2019 are in exhibition @thebowesmuseum until Feb 28th.

Judy @judyceramics Thank for the opportunity for me  to give some insight into the thinking and research behind my bit of #Untitled10. This is a fabulous project, using our museum resources to inspire makers and artists and giving the opportunity to look at objects in a different way. Lets hope there is more of it!

Paula Moore, Director of Talkin’ Culture is interested in how access to arts and museum spaces can be widened to far wider audiences through different entry points and with alternative visitor experience routes. I believe traditional museum experiences are often too static, austere and often rigidly academic failing to respond as a public service. I hope you enjoy my #twinterviews and artist insights to explore this further.

Header Image Credit: Judy DiBiase


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