What if your local museum was like a toy theatre?

This transcript is of my spotlight #twinterview with Caroline Collinge of Cabinet of Curiosity Studio. Caroline studied theatre and costume design, she has designed for dance, opera and award-winning films screened at Cannes and Sundance festivals.

Caroline's #untitled10 commission transformed original architectural drawings of the Bowes Museum into paper models drawing from toy theatres and pop-up books. The craft process incorporated traditional Japanese crafts of origami and katagami paper stencil combined with contemporary techniques of laser cutting. After studying theatre and costume design Caroline has designed for dance, opera and award winning films screened internationally at festivals including Cannes and Sundance.  Talkin' Culture ran these twitter interviews for @thebowescentre.

Caroline Collinge #twinterview transcript

Thank you for joining us today Caroline @cabinetscurios for your lunchtime #twinterview with @talkinculture 

Q1 Your theatre and costume design skills have led you to designing for opera, theatre and award winning films alone. Is all the world a stage to you? #untitled10 @thebowesmuseum

@CabinetsCurios A1

I see the world as more than a stage as we can direct and determine the role we wish to play. I am interested in the performative aspects that can be found within everyday experiences. I also especially love architecture that is theatrical, transporting you to alternative realities, such as The Bowes Museum, and paper toy theatres. There is something magical about transforming an everyday material into the extraordinary. In terms of culture, Japanese culture has been a huge influence on my work due to their exploration of paper within art, craft and design. The exhibition shows that objects within museums can inspire contemporary work that connects with audiences on all levels. #untitled10

Caroline @cabinetscurios Q2 What drives your theatrical perspective? #twinterview #untitled10 @talkinculture @thebowesmuseum

@CabinetsCurios A2

The poetics of space, narratives and emotions that are visually communicated through movement of the body and experimentations in design for performance as innovated in the early 20th Century by the Bauhaus. #untitled10

@cabinetscurios Q3 How would you like to see @thebowesmuseum integrate or amplify theatrical experiences? #twinterview #untitled10 @talkinculture

@CabinetsCurios A3

Immersive pop-up theatrical experiences using the museum spaces, inside and outside. Using theatre design techniques to create stories around museum objects. Contemporary practitioners such as Punchdrunk have innovated this approach. #untitled10

Caroline @cabinetscurios Q4 You're a specialist in paper arts. Why paper and is there a specific cultural influence? #origami #katagami #twinterview #untitled10 @talkinculture @thebowesmuseum

@CabinetsCurios A4

I came to specialise in using paper through my interest in origami and as a counterpoint to the digital. Paper has a memory and permanence.  The everyday characteristics of paper make it a sustainable and accessible material to work with.There is something magical about transforming an everyday material into the extraordinary. In terms of culture, Japanese culture has been a huge influence on my work due to their exploration of paper within art, craft and design. #untitled10

Caroline @cabinetscurios Q5 How do you think the #untitled10 exhibition approach changes the visitor experience @thebowesmuseum? #twinterview @talkinculture

@CabinetsCurios A5

It shows visitors the processes behind making artefacts or art that are usually hidden within the workshop or sketchbook of the maker/artist/designer.

Caroline @cabinetscurios Q6 As our lunchtime slot closes is there anything you'd like to add as to how seeing a maker's process and theatrical experiences can help more people engage with museum collections and stories?  #untitled10 #twinterview

@CabinetsCurios A6

Having on-site makers studios where artists and designers can be in residence making work within museums and galleries that could also inspire visitors to engage in learning through making and seeing professionals at work. #untitled10

Caroline @CabinetsCurios Thank you so much for your insights and today's lunchtime #twinterview with @talkinculture helping to increase arts access and to support the #untitled10 2019 exhibition @thebowesmuseum😊 Followers, discover more on Caroline here: https://buff.ly/2s4n7BA

Paula Moore, Director of Talkin’ Culture is interested in how access to arts and museum spaces can be widened to far wider audiences through different entry points and with alternative visitor experience routes. I believe traditional museum experiences are often too static, austere and often rigidly academic failing to respond as a public service. In my artist #twinterviews I start to explore this further and hope you enjoy the artist insights.

Header Image Credit: Jo Howell, Maverick Art


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