We challenge you to 20 in 20

We have a challenge that will kick your new decade off in style

We challenge you to 20 in 20

2020 is not just a new year, but a new decade, and we have a challenge for you to kick off that decade in an explosion of culture: 20 in 20.

We challenge you to go out there and find or engage in 20 new art and cultural experiences over 20 weeks. That is one new experience a week, every week until the week commencing 25 May. 

These don’t have to be huge cultural experiences – any new engagement with art and culture will count. For example, you might want to work your way through our Top 10 lists of 2019, or our Top 10 lists of the decade. You could watch one of the great films Tayo has picked out, or read one of the many great books that Ellen has chosen. Perhaps video games are your thing, in which case Chris has you covered, and if you’re the person to get your box-set binge on, Saskia has a delectable selection for you

Maybe you’d like to visit a local gallery, or try your hand at a poetry recital? Maybe basket weaving, or pottery? How about trying pasta craft? The world is your oyster, and 2020 is the year to find something new. 

Some of the team will be taking on the challenge as well, and we will be recording our progress on Voice, and we invite you to do the same. If you haven’t already, register for an account, and then when you post your quick reviews or blogs about your experience, use the tag ‘20in20’ so we can quickly find your work. 

We will be keeping track of everybody’s progress, and those who manage to complete the 20 in 20, will be entered for a prize! 

So, what are your thoughts? How are you going to start, and what are you looking forward to trying? Let me know in the comments!

Header Image Credit: Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels


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