Planning Arts Award Bronze

Planning your arts award bronze can be stressful, but it's key if you want to do well. This is why you need a clear plan where you understand what's going on, but you still have room for some improvisation and creativity. 

Bronze Arts Award. It can be stressful, time consuming and confusing, but fun. But you'll only have fun doing it if you know what's going on, which is why you need a plan. Luckily, I'm here to help!

1. Decide on your art form. Drama, singing, circus tricks? (and I checked, you can indeed do circus tricks for your arts award). Make sure it's something you enjoy, know a lot about and are passionate about. 

2. Decide why you are doing this. Of course, you've got to be passionate, but you've got to have another reason. Do you want to improve your musical theatre skills, help others improve their skills, go into a career in circus tricks, or learn more about cake decorating? Because if it's any of those four, or others, then you've got your reason!

3. Decide how you're going to present your arts award. You could do a scrapbook, a blog, a video diary, a collage of text and pictures...the opportunities are endless!

4. Decide who you admire. Who makes you want to be an actor so badly you can barely breathe? Who do you want to be like, and aim to be as good at songwriting as they are? Decide who, why and write it up! 

5. Decide who you're teaching your art form to. Part of it is not just deciding who, but what. What exactly will you teach them to do? Drama is just a bit vague, so will they work on a specific monologue, or body language, or something completely different?

6. Get started, and have fun! 


Olivia Marken

Olivia Marken

Trying (and barely succeeding) to be a writer, musician and seamstress, but definitely defying the expectations of people. Do what YOU want, not what others want.

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