UK Premiere: Jonatha Brooke, 'Imposter'

With a career spanning two decades and over ten album releases, Jonatha Brooke now prepares to release her powerfully evocative new single 'Imposter' ahead of her gig at The Islington on September 28th

UK Premiere: Jonatha Brooke, 'Imposter'

Riding high after the success of her one-women musical 'My Mother has Four Noses', celebrated artist, musician, and composer Jonatha Brooke's now returns with her incredibly raw and emotional new anthem 'Imposter'. A self-confessed perfectionist, Brooke wrote the track about her tendency to be her own worst critic. The track explores and evaluates the relationship that she has with herself (and her artistic outputs) and encourages us as listeners to be kinder to ourselves in our own moments of vulnerability.

Starting with an upbeat and hypnotic strings introduction, the song soon intensifies with the inclusion of Brook's beautifully commanding vocals. As strong as they are versatile, her voice sits front and centre and yet never overpowers the delicate instrumentation. The lyrics, with their introspective vibe, are honest and real and offers a look into the mind of this talented and enigmatic artist. 

"My very own best saboteur" Brooke sings, and in a moment sums up the sentiments of the track: it is a beautiful declaration of insecurity. A arms wide open embrace of our own uncertainties and perceived inadequacies. So what's next for Jonatha Brooke? Well, with the release of Imposter, her forthcoming EP release (of the same name), and a performance at The Islington Scheduled for September 28th, she seems on track to reach and succeed the success of her previous releases.

Head here for additional tour information, and check below for the UK premiere of 'Imposter'

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