Cambourne Nature Reserve

My walk around Cambourne Nature Reserve

Cambourne Nature Reserve

One Sunday me and my family decided to go for a walk to the Cambourne Nature Reserve. We found out about it on the Wildlife Trust Website, see  We decided to follow the suggested Cambourne wild discovery trail details on their leaflet: which was 1.5 km and they estimated would take 20 minutes if walked non-stop.  In the end we took about an hour because we detoured somewhat but also stopped along the way several times to admire Mother Nature.  You can see the route we took on the map.

map with route.jpeg

It was a grey damp day, but the nature was still amazing, there were insects, beautiful wild flowers, and impressive trees. It’s a great place to visit - especially for family walks, which was evident by the families we saw walking together, with their dogs and even an entire family fishing together.


We saw trees such as alder, hawthorn, maple and oak trees. The oaks were young trees but they will be big mighty trees some day.


We found a large hill, which surprised me considering Cambridgeshire is known for being flat. There were some amazing views across Cambourne and to the surrounding villages. I would really recommend going to the Cambourne Nature Reserve if you are into photography.


There were some gorgeous lakes there with fishermen on the shore. There was a unique patch of pink lily pads that were beautiful.  We came across some lovely rushes and bull rushes at the edge of the lake.


There was lots of grassland with plenty of flowers and grasses in them.We spotted Motherwell, knapweed, daisies, thistles and many others I have not identified.  I also found a little beetle and a ladybird.



I really enjoyed my visit and would really recommend this nature reserve for you to visit too. It’s important that we do as much as we can to prevent climate change because it damages our precious wildlife and we need this wildlife around us to teach the next generation about the biological world and the value of it.


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  • Sienna James

    On 30 July 2019, 19:14 Sienna James Voice Team commented:

    Love this, Roan! Now thinking about checking it out this summer... :) Is more of your Silver portfolio available online?

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