We Caught Up With The Talented Singer / Songwriter Hilary Roberts

Following the global success of her debut single 'There For You' in 2018, American artist and musician Hilary Roberts has now returned to release her emotionally charged anthem 'Fight to the Other Side'. The track's beautifully sincere lyricism and Roberts' mesmerising vocals combine to create a truly magnetic single. 

We Caught Up With The Talented Singer / Songwriter Hilary Roberts

Roberts' wrote 'Fight to the Other Side' for her friend Annie, after discovering that she had been diagnosed with FSH MD - a rare form of muscular dystrophy. Annie was struggling with her diagnosis, especially considering that it was progressing faster than she had expected, and this was when Roberts' realised she had to do something about it. And so 'Fight to the Other Side' was born... A song written by a friend for a friend packed to the brim with words of encouragement and support. We caught up Hilary Roberts to talk about her emotional new single.

Is there a specific line in your new single that carries the most poignancy?

It’s short, but it’s so important and it’s the words ‘Hold on’. So many times when we are in so much pain we just want it to stop, and we have lost people who have taken a route that they can’t come back from, a devastating route. And my prayer and hope is that people who are feeling like this will hear the words and just hold on, don’t take that action, and hold on, seek the help, reach out to people, get therapy, make the phone call, whatever it takes to fight to the other side – and even if your own mind is telling you there’s no hope, hold on and stay because we don’t want to lose you; let us love you until you love yourself.

How did you decide what instrumentation the track should have?

I knew I wanted it to have strings and I knew I wanted it to have piano, and we kind of all talked as a team, and I really knew I wanted it to be emotional and hit their souls and hearts. Its not just for Annie and Kevin, it’s to reach out to everyone that is hurting, it’s to make a difference and to save lives. Today my friend doesn’t want to die by her own hand, today my friend is wanting to make a difference, and it’s because of this song.

What is the first album you remember listening to?

Aside from all the music my parents would play, I remember being at my aunts birthday party and she was playing some Stevie Wonder record and I just fell in love with his music.

What made you want to pursue a career in the music industry?

Well, that has changed through the years… When I was younger I had a lot of insecurity and pain and shame and I though it would make me feel better about myself to have the accolades because I didn’t feel good about myself inside. After going through trauma treatment and therapy, and being sober 22 years today its different – today I use it as a platform to elevate love and kindness and compassion and relatability.

Most importantly I want to make a difference to people’s lives, and give them something to enjoy, that touches them in their soul. I want to encourage my listeners to get on the dance floor and clap their hands and say yes, I can do this. So it’s really them for today, I love it, but I feel secure in myself today so now it’s about spreading the love from within my heart.

Listen to 'Fight to the Other Side' below, and head to her website to see what Hilary Roberts gets up to next...

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