Audition for the Portsmouth District Magic Circle

This is a very special moment in my Arts Award journey, I was privileged to audition for the Portsmouth District Magic circle. This was to be considered for a membership.

I had an amazing experience performing for my fellow magicians and peers, as they will be able to give me advice and judge my performance with a magicians eye for detail.

I really enjoyed the experience and cant wait to perform there again after my initiation ceremony. 

Audition for the Portsmouth District Magic Circle

For this performance I created a unique trick involving a Rubik's cube, a blind fold and the use of a new gimmick that I have created to enhance the performance. Most importantly I included some mentalism to conclude my act. 

My thoughts on this performance were that although all magicians love a card trick, I thought I would perform using my much loved Rubik's cube for a more visual stage effect. Speed cubing is something I love to do at the magic circle youth initiative in London with my friends.  I thought I would include this as its very much part of my character.

The performance lasted around five minutes and I tried to engage with my audience the whole time by including them as part of the act and engaging their full attention. 

I did this by asking specific questions firstly to check my blindfold was real as this was a significant part of the performance. Again to pass the Rubik's cube around the audience to check the cube was completely mixed and that I wasn't cheating. Then to become engaged using audience participation techniques.

The aim was to make my audience feel comfortable by telling jokes and leaving no uncomfortable silences. This is why I choose to tell some facts about the Rubik's cube along with some light hearted jokes to make people laugh and stay engaged.  I hoped this will add to the enjoyment of my performance. 

I aimed to give a quietly confident audition because my audience is what I would describe as a humble crowd of knowledgable magicians, I knew they were watching me with an experts eye for detail. I had to respect that they would have known what I was doing so therefore I had to make my presentation flow as much as possible.

Feedback on the night was very positive as was my amazing audience. They were right on cue with laughter and showed their appreciation by welcoming me and clapping at the end.

The acting president on the night and fellow magicians gave me lots of positive feedback which I was very pleased about. My full initiation is still being processed so I will be very honoured if I am accepted into this amazing fellowship. This is very important to me as its where I can learn new magic tricks, attend privileged lectures, and get advice and support on my journey. I was invited to stay afterwards and I did feel very honoured to be there. I am looking forward to my pending initiation.

Header Image Credit: George G Magician

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George G Magician

George G Magician

Hi I'm George, I'm 13 years old and I'm a member of the Magic circle youth initiative.
Im currently doing the Gold arts award and working on many community projects whilst developing my leadership skills.
Please give me feedback about my work.
Thank you

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  • Rachel Hickman

    On 26 May 2019, 17:31 Rachel Hickman commented:

    Very confident performance! Well done! It is a shame the video jumps slightly at the end, so I missed seeing the actual result, but from the clapping you obviously did well!!! Congratulations George!

  • George G Magician

    On 30 May 2019, 14:20 George G Magician commented:

    Thank you for your lovely comment Rachel. I'm glad you enjoyed the performance. It was a shame about the technical glitch.
    Although overall I did pass my audition and I can't wait for my initiation.

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