My Favourite Sporting Event of the Summer

I have always been an active person, and I have always enjoyed trialling and practising a new skill or sport.

My Favourite Sporting Event of the Summer

Whether it’s running, cycling, or roller-skating (I had to practise this a lot for the skating moments in my new music video….!) I have always loved the sense of achievement you feel when you surpass a goal and increase your stamina and confidence. Having said this…. It’s safe to say that I also enjoy sitting down in the sunshine and watching over people do the hard work! I am going to share with you the sporting events that I am most excited for this summer…

1) Wimbledon

Perhaps an obvious one… But who can honestly say that they don’t become obsessed with the action on the centre court every year? Whilst tickets are hard to get, and of course expensive, this doesn’t mean that all hope of watching the tennis stars battling it out for one of the sport’s most prestigious accolades is lost. I love to get a picnic together, meet up with my friends, and head to any of the big screening events London to watch the excitement with other likeminded tennis fans – without so much as breaking a sweat!

2) London Marathon
So although I have to admit I have never personally taken part in the London Marathon… I know people who have! To me, there is nothing better than watching the runners begin the huge undertaking that they have been preparing for for months and maybe even years. The sense of anticipation and eagerness is truly infectious and makes for incredibly positive experience. When the race has begun I like to take a stroll through the infamous Greenwich Park and thank my lucky stars that I didn’t decide to enter… Maybe next year?

3) FIFA Women’s World Cup
The Women’s World Cup will take place in France from the 7th June – 7th of July. The event will give female footballers the chance to fight it out and see who will reign supreme. This year has been a great year for Women’s football, especially here in England. The English team showed they were deserving to qualify for the World Cup with an exhilarating 6-0 win against Russia, a success that they are looking to replicate when they head to France.  
So whether you prefer watching or doing sport, I hope you enjoy all the opportunities that England has to offer this summer.

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