Photography Workshop

Debbie's photography workshop 

Photography Workshop

Debbie runs Ladies With Lenses Photography
(LWL Photography). She is passionate about photography and its ability capture split seconds to last a lifetime.

I did a 6 week photography course with Debbie 3 years ago.
I want to further my photography skills

Photography Workshop

On the 11th April Debbie came to run her photography workshop she brought lots of books of famous photos and she also brought her own photography portfolio to show everyone the work she has done. Debbie also brought some different types of cameras.

I learnt how to put a grid on my camera so you can line the lines up with your photos. We learnt how to make a background with different colours of paper and match the colours of the object with the background colours. For example if you had pink flowers with a yellow middle you could use yellow paper to bring out the colour on the flowers.

Debbie taught us about different lens and that wide ones are better because you can crop the pictures.
Debbie also taught about all the different types of photographers: portraits, animals, nature, commercials and loads more.

The pixels on the camera give you the quality of your photo. For example: 18 is better than 12 and 24 is better than 18.

Debbie suggested we do some close up pictures of food and flowers.

I have written in a notebook while I was at the Workshop.

I took some photos of flowers and are cats.

the photo is a photo of me during the workshop. 

Header Image Credit: Jacqui Drinkwater (my mum)


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I’m a homeschooled girl. Who’s currently working towards my Silver Arts Award. Loves playing flute, photography and sewing!

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