My Relationship With Colour

So many of my friend’s and fans have been telling me how much they love how colourful my music video for ‘All About Us’ is and how it’s really helped them push through the remnants of winter. It really got me thinking about how much colour can affect our mood and how I like to keep a positive outlook throughout winter.

My Relationship With Colour

As it gets darker, like so many people I find my mood slipping and I’m less inclined to go out on runs. Suddenly my bed becomes my best friend and then even the smallest of tasks, like doing the laundry, are seemingly impossible. To combat this, I always try and avoid falling into the trap of wearing black, I’ll try and pick out some really bright yellows or some brighter oranges and pinks (not to wear in one outfit though!) 

In my music video, we used so much powder paint and I really loved the yellows and pinks! Both those colours put me in such a good mood, there’s nothing quite like a vintage yellow raincoat or a mustard yellow jumper that can make even the most dreary days a little brighter. So you can only imagine how excited I was to get to roller skate around London with bright yellow powder paint in my wake!

Some other smaller things I like to have around in my house are a whole host of succulents and herb plants in my kitchen, not only do I make it my life mission to attempt to keep them alive through the winter, but they also brighten up my house even when the trees outside have no leaves on them. 

I also love park runs to keep me motivated even when it might be freezing cold and pouring with rain. There’s always a good number of people running with you, so you’re not by yourself and you can track your progress and see your times get quicker! They’re also great for just being out and about in nature while giving you the chance to make some truly great friends. 

I also think as well, is just wearing or surrounding yourself with your favourite colours also helps lift your mood, if you’re wearing something that you like and makes you feel confident then you’ll feel so much happier and confident in your own skin; ready to take on the world. 

Now I’m a huge believer in setting goals or having something to work towards, so you have something to focus on and work towards. After getting involved in some park runs over the winter, I’m now really excited to head out to The London Colour Run at Wembley this summer! Complete with enough powder paint to cover you from head to toe and even foam pits to dive and run into as you make your way through Wembley Park finishing right by the world famous stadium. 

I really can’t wait for spring to arrive in full swing, but it’s peeking around the corner and soon we’ll all be complaining that it’s ‘far too hot’ just like true Brits. 

Check out my new video below!

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