Embroidery workshop

I attended an embroidery workshop by Holly Taylor Parnell.

 Part D of my Silver Arts Award 

Embroidery workshop

Holly works at the shop where I have my sewing lessons. Holly runs embroidery workshops at the shop, so I asked her if she would run an embroidery workshop at my house for me and my Arts Award group. Holly said she would message my mum about and arrange a workshop. 

Holly did her embroidery workshop on the 21st March. 

Embroidery workshop 

On the 21st March Holly came to run her embroidery workshop she brought some embroidery projects that she has made and one she is currently working on. Holly also brought some books one of them had paintings from Cornwall and the other book she brought was close up pictures of flowers and plants. 

I learnt some new stitches and improved some stitches that I already knew. Stitches that I learnt: bullion stitch, french knots, stab stitch, split stitch, basket stitch and fly stitch. 

Holly was helpful and made sure that we all knew what we were doing and helped learn new stitches.

Holly also showed me how to use wool and do french knots with wool. 

The workshop was very well set out and holly explained everything very well. 

Holly says that embroidery enables her to capture and stitch that inspirer her everyday. 

Tools and materials Holly recommends. 

  • Friction pens 
  • DMC threads 
  • Thread scissors 
  • An assortment of threads.

I made an abstract embroidery design where I was trying out some different stitches and learning to use wool to do french knots. 

The colours I chose to use where lots of different colours so you could see all the different stitches. 

I have been inspired by Holly to do some more embroidery and try some different styles of embroidery. 

Header Image Credit: Molly Drinkwater


Molly Drinkwater

Molly Drinkwater

I’m a homeschooled girl. Who’s currently working towards my Silver Arts Award. Loves playing flute, photography and sewing!

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