1919 fashion leadership project.

my 1919 fashion look actual was very easy to put together/find.

1919 fashion leadership project.


my 1919 fashion look actual was very easy to put together/find.
All I used was a long black skirt from river island.
And to go with it just an blouse from my mums wardrobe!
And to finish the look off I added an elasticated belt.
For the hairstyles we just added a bun, it was sort of like a messy bun you have indoors really.. we just loosened it up at the back a lot and stuck a few bobby pins in it! And that was it, my finished 1919 look. 1/11

My fashion generation video 1/11

Header Image Credit: 1919 fashion leadership project


  • Bee Snellen

    On 20 February 2019, 13:57 Bee Snellen Voice Team commented:

    Hi Mia! Great idea to show how fashion has changed throughout the years! However, instead of posting them individually to the site, perhaps post 1 or 2 articles covering several decades. Then you can explain the purpose of this project in the summary and talk more about the styles and research in the body text? I think that might read a bit easier, rather than having to click on several different links to see all the images!

  • Tallie Hardy

    On 20 February 2019, 14:53 Tallie Hardy commented:

    This is amazing Mia!!! So proud and exited that i got to be a part of it!!! Your gonna pass your silver arts award for deffinate ***

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