Climate Change stories - Emily Jones, age 15

Emily Jones went on strike from school this Friday. Here's why...

Climate Change stories - Emily Jones, age 15

Why did you strike from school on Friday?

I walked out because it’s one of the only ways that I feel I had a chance to be heard. I feel it’s proper action, and it's way overdue. 


What specific concerns over the environment do you have?

My specific concerns are waste and climate change. The greed of consumers and corporations are always prioritised over preserving the world.

How long have you been worried about the environment?

It’s always been a concern. Recently the publicity has raised my awareness, and certainly in the last year I’ve been become more conscious of issues surrounding the environment and the part I can play in protecting it.


What should the government be doing to tackle this?

The government should be getting heavily involved in movements and reducing Britain’s waste and increasing the amount of green energy we use. Protecting forests, natural land as well as increasing solar farms and making public transport more efficient is the most important thing. They should also be educating the public. 

How did you find out about the movement?

News coverage and from a friend. 

Outside of climate change, what are your other concerns for the future?

The world seems to be going backwards. The Obama effect has seen us take one step forwards with the election of an African American President, but two steps back with President Trump. Issues with nuclear weapons and the humanitarian crisis are also prevelent. 


What brings you hope over this issue?

Events like the movement today truly give me hope. Also the surge of online awareness with young people being so passionate about change is inspiring. 


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