After just a few short weeks, neLLa's back with a music video for her debut track 'Waste'

Complete with a candid backstory from her childhood, neLLa's just released a dreamy video as she wanders the coloured streets of London in the music video for her debut track 'Waste'

After just a few short weeks, neLLa's back with a music video for her debut track 'Waste'

What I really love about this music video is its authentic simplicity. Opening with neLLa telling us how her house was always full of music and that for as long as she can remember she has sung to herself but never had the courage to sing in front of other people, starts off the video in the most perfectly charming way possible.

“Both my parents are into music so I grew up surrounded by it”

The song itself is about her deciding to break out of an anxious loop and just take a step and release her music, starting off in an indie record store speaks volumes about neLLa as a person. When she's not making music she's listening to it just like anyone else. Following on from this, the video swiftly moves on as she leaves the safe confines of the record store and makes her way through the surrounding streets of London.

Moving to the big city back in August was a huge leap from the pace of life of her hometown of Annecy in South West France, but one that’s bought about more and more confidence with her original music.

“The song got a lot of listens on Soundcloud and I didn’t think that would happen”

It’s this change of scenery that spurred her on to film this video and release ‘Waste’ on major platforms like Spotify. The video also beautifully showcases her exquisitely different yet well put together style, complete with layers in hues of purple and blue and purple hair to match.

With the rest of 2019 on her doorstep, there’s no telling what she might get up to next! Release more music? Go on a tour? Who Knows, but with neLLa, there’s no telling what the future holds, but I’m excited to find out…

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