Alternative Photography Project

In December I ran a day-long project for the leadership section of my silver Arts Award.

The project was based around the alternative photography techniques that I discovered during my Arts Award. I organised the project at YC Hertfordshire's Hemel Hempstead youth centre. During the 4 hour session, I taught three alternative photography workshops to two participants. These included:

  • Through the Viewfinder Photography
  • Scanner Photography
  • Photograms

I started with a powerpoint introduction about the project. I introduced the participants to using a DSLR camera on manual mode. After that, the workshops themselves went smoothly. We did the TTV workshop outside. It was chilly, but the weather didn't prevent us from carrying on. We went to a nearby playground and took photos of each other through a TTV setup similar to the one in one of my old posts. When we got back, we went on to do the photogram workshop. The participants arranged some smalls bits and pieces I brought from home on photosensitive paper and exposed it in a lightbox. We then scanned the photograms, and went straight onto the scanner photography part of the project, using similar objects.

The participants enjoyed the project, and it was their first experience with alternative photography. They didn't realise you could take pictures without a camera. The photos turned out well, and they were satisfied with their work. I also liked their work, and think that anyone can try this kind of photography without any prior knowledge, and create outstanding photos.

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Olaf Szczodry

Olaf Szczodry

Hi. My name is Olaf, I'm 15 and I'm doing my Silver Arts Award. My primary interests are computers, photography and design, music, politics, and linguistics. I play the piano and the ukulele.

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  • Bee Snellen

    On 15 January 2019, 09:56 Bee Snellen Voice Team commented:

    The photos turned out great, Olaf!

    Was this the first time teaching others about photography? Did it go better than expected, or were there some elements that you hadn't foreseen? What would you improve on next time?

  • Olaf Szczodry

    On 16 January 2019, 14:58 Olaf Szczodry commented:


    It was my first time, both teaching about photography and teaching workshops. It went smoothly, but it lasted an hour longer than I had anticipated. Next time I think I should work on time management.

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