Beating the Xmas blues

Twas the night after Christmas, all festivities done, 
You’ve played Articulate and Uncle Bill’s won (again)

Beating the Xmas blues

It’s a weird time after Christmas – you enter a no-man’s land between the main event and New Year’s Eve, before normal life resumes. The build-up of shopping, partying and maybe travelling home focuses on the big day, so when it’s over – what now?

Here’s a few tips for staying happy and healthy and avoiding that After-Xmas Slump.


Xmas can be very family-focussed and sometimes you just need to chat to your friends about best and worst presents, comic moments and how X person is driving you up the wall again…


Laughter is a great way of lifting your spirits – it’s like a safety valve for life’s challenges and problems. Choose a fave film that really makes you giggle and you’ll feel better for it.

Fancy a twist on family tensions? Try My Father The Hero where Gerard Depardieu’s character takes his 16-year-old daughter on a special holiday and finds he’s playing an unexpected role. (How’s your French? the original version, Mon Pere Ce Heros, is even better)


Go for a walk. Sounds simple but it really works! Getting active boosts both your body and your mind.  When your body’s moving it’s also easier to think things through, plan the future – whatever you need to tackle.

Walking is cheap and easy – but just as good is swimming, cycling, the gym. Choose your body action and feel the mood boost.


It might sound a bit virtuous to give your dad a hand with something or visit an elderly neighbour, but as well as sharing the Christmas Cheer, it could actually make you feel better!  Being kind and smiling are well-known for lifting your spirits, plus you get a warm buzz from the gratitude. It’s simple and it’s Christmas!


Sometimes we feel low because the coming year looms with uncertainties or challenges. Now’s a good time to think those through. Work out what’s bothering you and what you can do to make things happen. Make a list or a plan or a mind-map, whatever helps you organise. Decide your next steps.

You may not find all the solutions but you’ll feel more in control. And you’ll be ready to enjoy the rest of the holiday and a fun New Year.

Happy Days from all at Voice

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