NAYT Raising The Game 2015

Raising The Game, an NAYT (National Association of Youth Theatres) event packed with workshops and opportunities for youth theatre groups to join and learn more.

NAYT Raising The Game 2015

Held at the Derby theatre, the weekend was filled with a variety of amazing workshops, such as working with large casts, socially conscious play-writing and mask and physical theatre led by incredible practitioners. We were there primarily to engage with the attendees during breaks and lunch about how they can embed Arts Award delivery in to their work. But ofcourse we joined in too.

I really enjoyed it and tried to join into as many things as I could. I particularly enjoyed the working with large casts workshop. I feel it helped me think about different ways to devise stories and characters with minimal changes and by adding simple gestures.

As a young person with a different creative background it was refreshing to learn different techniques which I can apply to my photography and filming. It was also a good opportunity for me to meet and network with other practitioners from different art forms, so overall it was a well worthwhile event to attend.

These are photos from the workshops I attended over the weekend.

It was a lot of fun taking part in some of the workshops. It was nice meeting new people and exploring new ways to make theatre more fun and engaging for young people.


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