Sexism and the Music Industry

Is sexism within the music industry completely overlooked and are we doing enough to inspire women to take part in the arts?

Sexism and the Music Industry

The music industry is obviously a male dominated industry; from the gender pay gap to the popular use of the male gaze in advertising it seems women are not seen in the same way as men. Whether it be an artist or somebody behind the scenes, we have let sexism determine how we view women in the arts and in particular the music industry. For my Gold Arts Award I am looking for opinions and answers to: 'Are there enough efforts to close the pay gap and to stop viewing women in this way?' Please leave your opinions below. 


Kat Skinner

Kat Skinner

Gold Arts Award student.

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  • Joshua Gould

    On 26 September 2018, 12:28 Joshua Gould Contributor commented:

    I suppose the whole industry needs an overhaul, with a dismantling of the structures that allow these discrepancies to occur. Another key factor in the fight would be people speaking up - and writing pieces just like this!

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