History I know

So many of you want me to tell you more about art and history and how I connect with the image the models and the full scale well I tell you in this blog.

History I know

So my speciality in history is actually world war 2 the reason being is because of family I had during that time. Anyways so world war 2 began in the late 1930s; In 1933 Hitler became the fuhrer and chancellor but combined the two together. Hitler took control of what is now Germany but it was known as Hitler's Germany. Now my side of history to this is the aircraft side and reason being is because I been into RAF and world wide planes for years. 

So the British had to be evacuated from Dunkirk in 1939 because the big battle was taking place in the air yet over the skies of Britain. Now the hienkals and Luftwaffe flew in formations  but Hitler was sight seeing in Paris in 1940s so he left his plan to take out the RAF whilst stationed and then sail across the channel but failed. 

So the aircraft from Britain is spitfire mark XVI which was used during battle of Britain. I know they were different but you know four callaba machine guns 2 on each wing. 

My favourite plane is dehavlind mosquito the reason being is I had a relative who was an engineer. So the mosqui5was a late 1940s fighter bomber and the reason why I am so keen on getting this plane back to British skies is because the DH mosquito was our wooden plane as it was plywood and ws a two seater.

The plane had 8 machine guns and also during the resistance the plane stored a third man where the fuel large is. 

So world war 2 was one where a nuclear bombs was used for the first time at the very end in 1945 dropped by the USAF ON HEGASKI and nesgaski in Japan still pollution there from the blast. 

So hope you enjoy this blog please leave questions or anything you want to know more further and also if you want to inbox me then my Instagram is arthistorry where I will be updating art and history images as well so please visit and the link to my blog on voice will also be added 


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  • Luke Taylor

    On 14 August 2018, 09:50 Luke Taylor Voice Reporter commented:

    I love how you're combining your love of history with art - I'm quite intrigued to learn more!

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