Silver Arts Challenge Review

Following 7 days of intensive fashion school I have achieved my arts challenge.  I would be very grateful for any feedback as this is the first week I have ever done a blog.  What do you think of my challenge and blogs?

Silver Arts Challenge Review

Did you achieve your arts challenge?

My arts challenge was to design and make an items of clothes using a sewing machine, which I have definitely achieved as I have made some shorts which I can wear.

Did you have to change your action plan or your challenge in any way? If so, what changed and why?

I think in some ways I was very lucky being able to attend the Summer Fashion School in London as I had teachers on hand to guide me through the process, as much of it was completely new to me.  I didn’t really have to change my action plan, although originally I thought I might make a skirt.  I decided to make some shorts, as I knew I would wear them more, especially as it has been so hot.

What went well? Why?

I really enjoyed learning about fashion designing, how to draw bodies using the 9 head technique and coming up with my own designs.  I love drawing and using colour, so felt very comfortable doing this, even if I struggled with the legs and shoes at the start.

What was more challenging? Why?

The actual sewing part was really tricky, as there were so many new things to learn.  I have never used a sewing machine, so first had to learn how to thread it, make it work with the foot pedal and sew in a straight line.  Pinning and sewing the shorts together was also frustrating at times, as I caught two layers of fabric together a couple of times, and had to spend ages unpicking the stitches and doing it again.  I would also sew on the trims as I am going along, rather than wait until the end.  With the legs in particular, sewing on the trim as I was making it up, would have been easier if I hadn’t already done the side seams.

What have you learnt from doing your arts challenge?

I have learnt:

  • How to write a blog on Voice and upload it,
  • How to use a sewing machine,
  • How to make my own patterns and copy patterns,
  • How to use an overlocker,
  • How to insert a zip,
  • How to sew a seam,
  • How to add a trim,
  • How to produce a costing sheet,
  • How to draw a figure illustration using the 9 head technique,
  • How to add a pocket.

What would you do differently another time?

I would sew the lace on before I sewed the side seams.
Next I would like to make a shirt and learn how to insert a sleeve and add a collar.

What arts skills would you like to develop next?

I want to continue to develop my drawing skills using different materials such as charcoal and watercolours.  It would also be fun to have a go a screen printing and learn about different printing techniques.

What did other people think of your arts challenge?

Most people said my sketch book was the best and that I had added a lot of detail.  Kerry said shorts were a good idea for a first project and she was very impressed with my positive attitude and willingness to listen and learn.


Evie Wildish

Evie Wildish

I've completed my Bronze Award and am now working towards my Silver Award. I love art, painting, drawing, science and reading. I think I would like to be a graphic designer when I am older.

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  • The Summer Fashion School London

    On 13 August 2018, 11:13 The Summer Fashion School London commented:

    Evie - your blog is informative, well considered, fun and engaging. A perfect mix!

  • Luke Taylor

    On 14 August 2018, 09:45 Luke Taylor Voice Reporter commented:

    What people don't realise about fashion is how technical it can be, and it seems to me that you've mastered it. Well done!

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