Silver Arts Award: Day 2 Summer Fashion School London

Using Frida Kahlo as inspiration today's first task was to design an outfit for a VIP attending the Cochella Festival.

Silver Arts Award: Day 2 Summer Fashion School London

Next stop was the Design Museum to learn about 'haute couture', which I had never heard of before today, and see the Azzedine Alaia The Couturier exhibition.  He is regard as one of the greatest fashion designers in history but sadly died in November last year.  The remainder of the afternoon was a follow-on illustration workshop, introducing colour, how to use fine and broad markers and show skin tones.

I created three very different illustration this morning.  The first was a skirt which resembled a meadow with flowers and lots of green imitation grass, with a soft lush velvet rear so you could actually sit down.  Next was a black and yellow striped pair of trousers decorated with minature bells, with a bumble bee inspired top, with lace wing-like sleeves.  My final design was a more sophisticated look with a red satin skirt and bodice with detailed white embroidered flowers.   I found drawing the initial body outlines quite tricky, especially the legs, but Caroline showed me how to shape them, so am feeling a lot happier.

Catching the number 49 bus to the Design Museum was good fun, especially sitting on the top deck going through Chelsea and Kensington and looking at what different people were wearing.  I have never been to the Design Museum and was really pleased to see it was cool, light, airy and spacious.  Azzedine Alaia has started working on the exhibition before his death and included a photographic display as well as 60 rare stunning dresses, including ones worn by Tina Turner and Grace Jones in a James Bond film.

Back in the design studio later in the afternoon, the focus was on illustrating our designs using colour.  Using a mixture of marker and coloured pencils Caroline demonstrated how to add contrast and fine detail.  I really enjoyed doing this and am starting to feel more confident.


Evie Wildish

Evie Wildish

I've completed my Bronze Award and am now working towards my Silver Award. I enjoy art, writing, fashion and would like to become a designer in the future.

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 6 August 2018, 10:38 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    I'm glad you're learning a lot from this - do you see yourself working in fashion one day?

  • Melanie Evans

    On 6 August 2018, 11:06 Melanie Evans commented:

    It is great to see your design process from concept and inspiration to research (visiting an exhibition) and finally developing your illustration skills and exploring colour to create three interesting designs. Great work Evie!

  • Evie Wildish

    On 6 August 2018, 20:59 Evie Wildish commented:

    Not sure I see myself working in fashion, but it is fun learning new skills and I am excited about being able to make my own clothes.

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