Leonardo da Vinci study

Leonardo da Vinci was an artist who wasn't just a artist he was a painter and sculpture and many more wonders 

My name is Damieon and I am doing bronze art award.

Leonardo da Vinci study

The Mona Lisa 

The famous painting was painted by Leonardo da Vinci which is displayed in Paris. 

The painting is 1503 and painted by the artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci in Florence Italy. The Mona Lisa is a world wide attraction because the room it is in had other paintings but in the Louvre.


So background information of the Da Vinci Painting of the Mona Lisa:

  1. She was painted in 1503 
  2. Her full name is La Gioconda
  3. She was the wife of Francesco Gioconda
  4. She was not created on canvas as Leonardo Da Vinci was a renaissance master and used wood and painted on with oil.
  5. Leonardo finished the painting in France  when the king Francois I requested Da Vinci to bring the Mona Lisa painting where the king displayed it in Fontainebleau palace until king Louis XIV came in and removed it to the palace of Versailles. Napoleon kept the painting and displayed it in his boudoir.
  6. There was a theft in the summer of the Mona Lisa in 1911 where it made international news. 1913 it returned to the museum.
  7. There was speculation that Pablo Picasso was behind the theft of the Mona Lisa. Later they arrested a poet Guillaume Apollinaire who was 31years old and had radical Views and was arrested for suspicion of theft. 
  8. The painting arrived at the museum in France in 1815 and the 'Mona Lisa' received love letters and flowers from admirers. She even had her own mail box 
  9. Over the years from the theft of 1911 to 1956 where there was a major attack on the portrait of the Mona Lisa two attackers used different sort of methods one used acid to target the painting hoping for it to burn the other used a rock and pelted the painting and you can see the slight damage it done. In 1974 someone threw a spray paint can but luckily the bulletproof kept the painting safe and in 2009 another attempt was made with a coffee cup but the bulletproof glass repelled the objects. 

So the Mona Lisa is priceless she can't be brought or sold because when she arrived at the Louvre in 1797 and is still there today. The French government said that the painting belongs to the people and the heart belongs to the Mona Lisa 

So that the Mona Lisa. The size of the portrait I forgot to mention is 77×53cm (30×20)(7/8inch) so in comparison to the other paintings in the Louvre museum in Paris she is the world smallest painting ever. 

So Leonardo Da Vinci was born in 1452 on the 15th April and he died in 1519 on the 2nd May. He was a renaissance which meant he had more than one hobby and interest which I won't list but I tell you two of them the main is art and the other is architecture which he used to help him to build several first prototypes. He built the tank,the parachute and the first flying machine. 

3b3d2b9ebb60df6dcc40e0a625a2c34ae4dec83e.jpgLeonardo da Vinci painting of salvator mundi sold for a record of $450.3million at Christie's auction in 2017 in new York on the 15th November.



The picture I just put up it the design Leonardo da Vinci did of the tank he designed. The tank is the first fighting machine to be built but then was designed differently throughout history of the armour tanks based on Leonardo da Vinci design. The shape is round because it a very moveable shape but didn't go as planned as it was mainly pedal power unlike the tanks you got now they are mechanical engineering and they are based on Leonardo da Vinci design.


The image I put up is the design of the parachute so the parachute was designed by Leonardo da Vinci and is used with special forces and is used in fighter jets by pilots. 

The design is based  on a pyramid. With the design it is used as a rectangular shape because it means the define of gravity. 


Leonardo da Vinci is someone I admire because he was so into things that happened and took the ideas he then painted the Mona Lisa which is strange but it is very good. 

He designed the helicopter but was not built up 1940s. 

His work shows that when designing something it takes time and he has the prototype in his house in Florence where he painted and invented alot of his work. 


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  • Luke Taylor

    On 6 August 2018, 10:21 Luke Taylor Voice Reporter commented:

    Great research! Leonardo da Vinci was one of the greatest minds of the 16th Century, maybe of all time.

  • Jill Impey

    On 2 October 2018, 16:10 Jill Impey commented:

    A great blog post, lots I didnt know about the Mona Lisa, and I can understand your interest in Leonardo's enthusiasm for and experimentation in so many different areas.

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