Unit 2- Art Exhibition

For Unit 2, I organised an art exhibition designed to celebrate the friendship between my best friend and I and our progress in art since we were 12. Art brought us back together after we went to separate schools and therefore it is really important to us. I wanted to share it with everyone to demonstrate the power of art so I have created a mini online exhibition to show the development through the displays.

After months of planning, on Saturday 30th June at County Upper School I held my exhibition from 2-5pm. It took about 3 hours 30 mins to set up and we finished just in time for the first guests.  There was a steady stream of people for the first 2 hours- a mix of teacher, friends and family which was nice as I had time to talk to everyone individually so it felt more personal. Also, alongside the refreshments I had set up a couple of tables for people to sit down if needed. In the end everyone sat together, had cake and chatted until the exhibition closed which was really lovely as it added to the atmostphere. The cakes and entry were free however, I had donation pots by the cakes and the entrance if anyone wanted to donate to my chosen charity -which was Children and the Arts. In total, we raised £52 for this brilliant arts charity which brings art to families of terminally ill children and deprived communities.  As mentioned earlier- this exhibition was put together by myself to highlight the affect art has had on my life so far but also my friendship with Tessa that might have perished had it not been for weekly art lessons together. 

I hope you enjoy this mini online exhibition that I am sharing so that you can see the development for yourself and hopefully be inspired to carry on creating art and appreciate the power it has!!


Emma Le P

Emma Le P

Hi, I'm an a-level art student currently working towards my Gold Arts Award.

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 2 July 2018, 11:09 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    Your work is absolutely amazing!

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