Who do you appreciate more the Actors or the Backstage Crew?

When you go to the theatre to see the hit stage show 'Oliver' or 'Wicked', which do you appreciate the most the actors or the backstage crew?

Who do you appreciate more the Actors or the Backstage Crew?

When you go to the theatre you only see what happens at the front of the stage and not of the back stage and the crew. I think its important that we should appreciate the backstage crew at the theatre because no one knows how much effort, preparation, time and money that is takes to make the stage look good, with sets, costumes, props etc. Without the backstage crew the stage show 'The Lion King' would look like animals dancing and singing around. The backstage crew are so important because really, without them there isn't a show.

It really bugs me when you look through the programme and all you see is tiny print of who was involved within the backstage crew. I think that we really need to appreciate the crew because otherwise it's not really fair. I know that after the show all they care about is how the show went, actors included and everyone's happy that it all went so well; but when you are backstage and no one tells you how well it went and how good it looked you feel quite down with yourself. They don't expect to go out on the stage and bow and for the audience to cheer and thank them because that is not what backstage crew's do, but it is nice to know that you were or are being appreciated for the work that you have done. They start working and putting together everything before the auditions start and from then it's go. The backstage crew have to design everything make prototypes make sure there using the right materials, colours and that even before they start making the real thing. So many skills are put into making a set but still they don't get appreciated.

Yes, I know that when you go to the theatre that you go to see the actors and show it's self but what you must remember is that its important to also think about all the hard work that has been put into it by the backstage crew. Some people may think that it's not that much of a hard job and that it may be easy but trust me, its hard work and you cant stop until they are satisfied that the show is going to look the best it possibly can. You may be thinking how much would I know? Well I do, I helped with my school production of Oliver! Last year and I worked so hard to make every prop that I made look as good as it could be, even if it was a sign. Somethings break and it was so annoying to see that some of my work that I had designed had broke but I had to fix it. In a big production many things may or could be broken or damaged. The sets and props that the crew have to make are much bigger than mine. Could you imagine that if you had been working on one set for 3 weeks and something broke, fell off or it got damaged how upset you would be?

From personal experience you literally have to set your mind on the thing that you are designing or making, but just imagine this… how would you feel if you were managing the crew and you had problems or question coming to you from left, right and centre. I think I would scream because so much pressure goes onto you.

I posted on Arts Awards Voice to see if I would get any opinions about my subject and I had many different opinions on the matter and it was interesting to read what people thought. One person said, "I often think about when reviewing shows. I think you're right to say that the backstage crew aren't recognized enough, It's easy to miss all of the work that goes into a very good piece of theatre, as often the audience, (myself included) are immersed into the set, lighting, atmosphere, mistaking the technical tricks as somewhat real, subsequently forgetting about how much effort goes into giving us that very experience." But they also said, "With that considered, it could be argued that the elements that are so often forgotten about, should be, as these are the ones providing the 'experience' aspect of the entertainment whereas the actors provide the vehicle for this to be translated." Backing up that point another person said, "Just to be a little bit thought provoking, I have been in productions where there was no backstage (director excluded) and they've gone wonderfully, reflected in both the reviews and how we as actors felt the performances went so you could argue that the reason that the "techies" get less lovin' is because they're not a necessary part of the production (i.e. no actors = no show, no techies = a show without any special stuff). I do think that this is a fair point but with a backstage crew the performance (I think) would look a lot better because the audience get drawn into the scene/setting.

All that I think is that we should appreciate the backstage crew, when going to the theatre because from hopefully you reading this you can see that so much pressure, time and hard work goes into making your favourite theatre show amazing. Hopefully you will appreciate how much effort goes into the sets, props etc. because it is important that the people who stay in the shadows do get recognised and appreciated.


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