What happens at a Voice Training Day?

Saturday 7th April 2018 - the Voice Team and I travel down to London to meet a full room of fresh-faced Contributors - some old, some new. Little did we know that we would have an amazing day of activity and planning for the year ahead.

What can I say? The workshop failed to disappoint.

The purpose of this workshop was to establish a panel of young Voice Contributors and offer training in expressing opinion and writing for a magazine - pretty handy if you’re doing a writing or journalism qualification in school or university. As a young person, you get told on a condescending and regular basis that “you have no idea what we’re talking about” or “you’re too young to have an opinion for that”.

Here on Voice, opinions really do matter, regardless of age, and that was why this workshop was so important.

Aside from introductions at the start, we were introduced to the concept and history of Voice. We were also told about our roles as Voice Contributors; not just writing blogs, but going out and reviewing various events throughout the country - from Brighton Fringe to Edinburgh Fringe, and from small theatre shows to massive arts festivals. All of this is to promote Voice and thus give a much-needed voice to young people in the UK.

I never thought I would be have such engaging conversations with other people about important issues in our society - even outside of the arts. I felt like a reporter once again! Being a Voice Contributor has been the best thing has happened to me - it’s allowed me to be more independent as well as develop my writing skills. I’ve discovered a newfound appreciation for other art forms and culture - visiting cities, exploring marketplaces, spending money at the quirky cafés...I’ve definitely grown as a person, and I can’t wait for next few months.

If you’ve not joined as Voice Contributor, then you’re seriously missing out. Join us today!


Luke Taylor

Luke Taylor Contributor

I work as the Network Administrator for Voice. Having completed my apprenticeship at Unit Twenty Three, I continue my work supporting Voice and the Youth Network in whatever way possible. Music is my passion, and I will happily talk about all the bands you've probably never heard of!

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  • Kayt Button

    On 25 April 2018, 08:50 Kayt Button commented:

    Glad you had a good day - opinion matters! I get quite cross about this idea that young peoples opinions ned to be shaped!! Its true, with time and experience it is likely that people's opinions will change but it doesn't make current opinion any less valid!!
    Keep reporting, writing, blogging and generally getting your thoughts known!

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