Experimental Photography

In this post I experiment with different ways of using my camera lens, or not using it at all.

This project is comprised of many different photography techniques. I experimented with lens, a lack of lens, a kaleidoscope, bokeh and water.

For this series of photographs, I used a toy kaleidoscope that I held up to my lens to create a pattern effect. In some of the pictures, I didn't use a lens at all. Instead, I used a piece of cardboard with a pinhole.

Here I used a piece of cardboard instead of a lens. The cardboard had a small pinhole in the middle to let light through. The pictures came out far more blurred than usual, as the hole would have to be almost perfectly round for a sharp image to come out. This proves that you don't even need a lens to take pictures with a DSLR camera.

In these photographs, I focused the camera on a water droplet so as to blur the background behind it. The water was on a pane of glass with the subject underneath it. I shot M&Ms, toothpicks and miniature crayons.

Bokeh is a technique where due to the subject being in focus, the background is blurred, with any light sources taking on the lens' shape. I found that the key to attaining the result I wanted had a lot to do with the distance between the foreground and background, with the two having to farther apart for the effect to work.

My favourite technique was bokeh, as it is the most versatile. It produces both good-looking and interesting pictures, with the subject in the spotlight. It is a great technique to use when taking portraits or cityscapes, especially in the nighttime.


Olaf Szczodry

Olaf Szczodry

Hi. My name is Olaf, I'm 15 and I'm doing my Silver Arts Award. My primary interests are computers, photography and design, music, politics, and linguistics. I play the piano and the ukulele.

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 12 April 2018, 16:00 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    This is absolutely brilliant! I envy your experimental approach to photography

  • Olaf Szczodry

    On 30 April 2018, 14:10 Olaf Szczodry commented:

    Thank you Luke!

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