Week 3 Capoeira and Carnival

Part A: take part - Arts Award Bronze

Week 3 Capoeira and Carnival

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art, that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music. It is known for quick and complex moves, using mainly power, speed, and leverage for a wide variety of kicks, spins, and highly mobile techniques.

Capoeira's history begins with the beginning of African slavery in Brazil. In this environment, capoeira was born as a simple hope of survival. It was a tool with which an escaped slave, completely unequipped, could survive in the hostile, unknown land and face the hunt of the armed and mounted colonial agents.

Capoeira is a fast and versatile martial art. A series of rolls and acrobatics allows the capoeirista to quickly overcome a takedown or a loss of balance, and to position themselves around the aggressor in order to lay up for an attack. It is this combination of attacks, defense and mobility which gives capoeira its perceived 'fluidity' and choreography-like style.


Cameron Austin

Cameron Austin

Cameron attends a performance based youth group called Sprungsters. The weekly workshop uses physical theatre, to develop his imagination and creativity. Cameron combines Drama, Speech and Movement to produce a physical performance. Cameron has gained a lot of confidence from attending Sprungsters. He also enjoys working with others, trying new things and gaining experience in the performing arts industry.

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 3 April 2017, 09:04 Luke Taylor Voice Reporter commented:

    Sounds great fun, Cameron! Are there any pictures of you taking part?

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