Tutorial “How to make Pom-poms”

This is a sort of tutorial on making Pom-poms.

Tutorial “How to make Pom-poms”

When making Pom-poms it really depends on the size of your hands. If you’re a child then it will appear smaller and if you’re an adult then it will be bigger. It’s an amazing decoration because it is very simple to make and you can use it for lots of string crafts.


  • Luke Taylor

    On 7 March 2018, 09:48 Luke Taylor Voice Reporter commented:

    Lovely tutorial! What music are you playing in the background?

  • Ela Fimowicz

    On 7 March 2018, 15:13 Ela Fimowicz commented:

    The song is called Creatures of the night by Janet Devlin.

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