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Who said you need a camera to take photographs?

In my previous post, I wrote a recount of my trip to an analog photography festival. One of the artists there was Jocelyn Allen. One of her series was made using a printer scanner in which she only took photos of herself. This inspired me to try scanner photography myself. I started taking picture of objects but then I tried to use my hands and face as the photo subjects. I included very few of those photos, since most of them were too realistic and terrifying. There are many photographs that incorporate repetition. I achieved that by moving objects during the scanning process. The printer could be set to scan slower with a greater DPI (dots per inch), giving me time to move things about. I experimented a lot with composition, placing items inside or on one another, and trying to get a 3D effect. The scanner was open during the whole process, so I had to change the lighting of the photos on Adobe Lightroom, especially the background.  In some, I changed the lighting and colour completely to get the look I desired. Both series were great fun to photograph and I'd really suggest you try scanner photography yourselves.


Olaf Szczodry

Olaf Szczodry

Hi. My name is Olaf, I'm 15 and I'm doing my Silver Arts Award. My primary interests are computers, photography and design, music, politics, and linguistics. I play the piano and the ukulele.

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 4 January 2018, 10:38 Luke Taylor Voice Reporter commented:

    Olaf, these are incredible!! Where do you think you'll take your photography next?

  • Olaf Szczodry

    On 10 January 2018, 21:10 Olaf Szczodry commented:

    Thank you! I'll soon try to develop my camera obscura photos, those will probably be in my next post.

  • Jaakko Harakka

    On 11 January 2018, 00:43 Jaakko Harakka commented:

    Well done Olaf, interesting pictures! I never thought that you can use the scanner to take photos!

  • Anastazja Malczyk

    On 20 January 2018, 21:59 Anastazja Malczyk commented:

    These are truly impressive and eye catching images! Look quite peculiar at first and like nothing you've ever seen but when examined closely, the seemingly abstract shapes and figures become recognizable and you realize the mechanics behind the project!
    It's a fantastic idea to look at these (some of them) everyday objects and see them turned into art.
    A creative mind can use almost anything to make an interesting piece of art, just like you did. I feel the initial projecthas potential and with a bit of an effort could be developed and act as an inspiration for other works, too.
    Good job!

  • Nici West

    On 6 February 2018, 16:25 Nici West Voice Team commented:

    Olaf these are amazing. I had no idea this was possible! They look incredible and I'm excited to see what you come up with next!

  • jhon milton

    On 9 August 2018, 08:46 jhon milton commented:

    These are genuinely amazing and eye getting pictures! Look very exceptional at first and like nothing you've ever observed except for when inspected nearly, the apparently conceptual shapes and figures wind up conspicuous and you understand the mechanics behind the task!
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